Birchbox + Style Me Pretty's New 'I Definitely Do' Birchbox!

As many of you know, I recently got engaged, and my wedding is now about 9 short months away! I’ve been hot and heavy on the wedding planning – on and off the internet – so when I was approached by two of my favorite brands to try something new that they were coming out with, I was thrilled!

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The ever inspiring Style Me Pretty and the best-idea-ever-company Birchbox have partnered to create an exclusive wedding box called the ‘I Definitely Do’ Birchbox, launching this past week!

Birchbox offers a monthly subscription to the latest and greatest beauty products. The best part is that a Birchbox subscription only $10 a month and the second best part is how perfect a gift it is for your favorite ladies—whether they’re in your wedding party, or for any other occasion!

If you subscribe, your first box will be the ‘I Definitely Do’ box I received, so I wanted to put together a little review for all of you. It’s the perfect way to get you and your bridesmaids ready to glow for your wedding day!

To start off, I honestly loved receiving a package in the mail. It reminded me of care packages my mom used to send me and I had so much fun opening it up! As I pulled the products out one-by-one, I thought the assortment was PERFECT. They really covered all the bases (hair, skin, makeup, etc.), and I was very impressed by the size of the samples. Now onto the products…

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Kerastaste Elixir Ultime

This was the first one I pulled out of the box. It’s a lightweight oil with tons of nutrients, and it leaves the hair glossy and photo-perfect. I’ve used it every day since I got it, and have loved it. I’ve tried a lot of oils in my hair, but this one was by far the best. It truly is lightweight and it didn’t leave any part of me feeling too oily or greasy. The sample was HUGE and you only need a tiny amount for it to do all its tricks. I could see all my bridesmaids loving it as much as I did too, so I was extremely happy to have discovered it in the box!

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Laura Geller Baked Blush

Confession: I’m not a big blush person, so liking this product was against all odds. I do love bronzer, however, so when I used the blush, I did a combo of the two and really loved it. It’s very natural and it went – and stayed – on very smoothly.

La Fresh Eco Beauty Face Wipes

Who doesn’t love wipes? They’re the easiest way to wash up before hiting the sack and I was a big fan of the two that were in the box. Some wipes can dry up quickly, but these lasted long, took all my makeup off, and made my skin feel super clean after.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

This was hands down my favorite product – and there was a lot in the sample! I’ve used a similar product before and it changed my life (I’m serious). Trying the one in the Birchbox gave me the same results and turns out, the product is 1/3 the price of the one I’d used previously. It exfoliates and buffers the skin, and it’s supposed to have the same effects of microdermabrasion. Without having ever done microderm, I can’t report back in comparison, but all I know is that my skin is so smooth, full of glow, and a great tone. I was really happy to receive this one and can see myself using it up until my wedding day.

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Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow

This skin enhancer is meant to hydrate and illuminate, leaving you with a dewy, natural glow. For someone who doesn’t wear much during the day, I loved it. It was very light feeling but made such a difference in my skin tone. I noticed it helped control oil throughout the day and I found myself doing double takes in the mirror a few times!

Deepa Gurnani Beaded Hair Tie

UM, I would have paid for this beautiful hair tie itself, so it was definitely a score to receive in the box! It’s ultra-feminine and the perfect accessory for all my pre-wedding looks. I love easy ways to add glitz to my style, and this totally did the trick.

So what’s my overall take on Style Me Pretty and Birchbox’s ‘I Definitely Do’ box?

I think $10 a month is nothing compared to all the fun I had opening a package, discovering new things, and trying them throughout the month – and that’s excluding the fact that the products themselves ended up being so great. I knew I was putting good quality things on my skin and hair, and loved finding those one or two things I know I’ll reorder and use for my day-to-day and on my wedding day.

I also envisioned the happiness my bridesmaids would get from getting a box every month until the wedding. First of all, they’ll constantly feel pampered (which they deserve for all the things they’re doing and have done for me), and secondly, it’s something fun to add to our group texts!

Point is, I simply love the idea and am so happy to see it launch! If you’re looking for a great way to treat yourself or your besties, subscribe along with me and get the ‘I Definitely Do’ Birchbox as your first one!

Be sure to head over to my Instagram to learn how you can win your own “I Definitely Do” Birchbox, along with full-sized versions of the samples contained in the box and a set of bangles!


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