Erica and Justin | Birch Box Marriage Proposal

Justin and I met at the University of Wisconsin freshman year during the big Wisconsin Halloween celebrations. Later, we found out we lived in the same dorm, just two floors apart!

Birch Box Marriage Proposal

We dated all through college, both moved back to NYC after graduation and moved in together after 2 years. how they asked: It was Saturday afternoon, after I completed the Brooklyn Half Marathon (my personal best we might add). After waking up at 5 a.m., and taking an hour plus train back to Manhattan, I finally arrived back at their NoLita apartment tired, and HUNGRY.

“Justin, I’m starving, let’s go get lunch,” I said.

“Your Birchbox just came, don’t you want to open it?” Justin exclaimed.

“No, I get it every month, I will open it when I get home.”

“Are you sure?”


With that, we headed out to a local restaurant. Justin was on his phone the entire time and not paying attention to a word I was saying. We ate fast and headed home because Justin “had to send an email.” When I arrived home, I sat on the couch ready to open my Birchbox.

Once I opened the box, I saw stickers, but not just any stickers, “Mrs. Coltun” stickers.

I went through the other items in the box, and my dream ring was sitting in a pouch in the box. I was overjoyed filled with laughter and tears. After 7 1/2 years Justin and I are now engaged!!

Birchbox Engagement