Bindhu and Christopher

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How We Met

The first time I met the man who would later become the love of my life, I heard him before I saw him. It was the first day of law school at Georgetown University Law Center, and I was sitting in my Civil Procedure class. Christopher was sitting several rows behind me and had just floored the professor and entire section with a bold and impressive response to the professor’s question. I turned around to see who it was that I was hearing and saw a face I would never forget. Right then, I didn’t know why or how but I was certain of two things: one, that I really wanted to get to know this man, “Mr. Griesedieck” as the professor would call him, and two, that without a doubt, one day he would become someone very special in the world if he wasn’t already.

For various reasons, Chris and I never got to know each other during my first or my second year of law school, but I by no means had forgotten about him. I had grown weary of the men that I met and the dates that I went on during that time. I had all but given up in the idea of fairytales when, very unexpectedly, on the first day of the very final semester of my law school career, I saw that face again. Christopher walked into my class and sat himself down right next to me. To say I was starstruck by him wouldn’t do justice to what I felt. I was over the moon to finally have a chance to get to know this clearly genuine, humble, warm soul, unobstructed by our circumstances. Before long, we were on our way to becoming the best of friends. Two years later, Chris made me the happiest person alive by asking me to be his wife. To this day I am just as startstuck everytime I see him.

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how they asked

January 1, 2017 was not only the best New Year’s Day of my entire life, it was the best day period. My best friend in the world, also my boyfriend of almost two years, took me on a horse-drawn carriage ride through a Winter Wonderland light display near his parents’ house in St. Louis. We got all bundled up and set out, just before our dinner reservation with Christopher’s family to enjoy over a million glittering Christmas lights and holiday music as little kids waved at us excitedly from their cars. I felt like a princess the moment we stepped onto the carriage and snuggled up under warm blankets. After touring the park’s light display, the carriage driver finally pulled over onto a private pathway saying she knew a great spot for a “picture.”

The road ahead, however, grew increasingly dark and had fewer and fewer lights. When the carriage stopped, Christopher hopped out and turned around toward me to tell me his goal was to give me a “perfect evening” because I had been “perfect to him since the day we had met” and he never wanted our relationship to end. With that, Chris pulled out a remote controller to click on a huge light display in the distance that read “Will you marry me?”

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The rest was a blur as he got down on one knee and proposed with his great grandmother’s stunning ring that has been in the family for almost 90 years. As though that weren’t enough, after we left the park on cloud nine to head to dinner with Chris’s family, when I got to the restaurant, I was blown away to see Chris had gotten my family to come all the way from North Carolina to surprise me. I can’t wait to marry the most wonderful man I know!!!

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