Billy and Jessica's Harry Potter Proposal

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how we met

Billy understands my love, nay, my obsession with Harry Potter. He happens to have a similar passion for the Ohio State Buckeyes. We actually met high-fiving to a touchdown at an Ohio State/Michigan game two years ago. Over the past two years, he has willingly watched all eight movies twice and heard endless babbling about why the books are better. I have, in return, enjoyed watching every Ohio State game over the last two seasons. We have learned to not only accept each other’s geekiness, but to embrace it. We are nerds about a lot of things: Harry Potter, Ohio State, Star Wars, Disney, Lord of the Rings, Musicals. We even have a guest room in our apartment that is devoted to all the things we love. Many of our friends also share these passions. So, it was not out of the ordinary that when my best friend, Tara, came to visit for her birthday, we made plans to visit Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Billy and I had been before, and we were excited to show Tara around.

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how they asked

Tara and I spent the week leading up to our weekend Universal excursion exploring Tampa, visiting the zoo, singing karaoke, and eating… a lot. On the day we planned to head to the beach, Billy planned a spa day for us complete with massages and mani/pedis. Mine and Tara’s birthdays are close, so it was easy to believe that Billy was just treating us to a special day. The next day we checked into the Resort at Universal. We spent a relaxing day hanging out in a cabana by the pool and enjoying a delicious Italian dinner. I would never have dreamed that the following day would change my life forever…

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Tara and I woke in the morning to find authentic Hogwarts letters (the much-anticipated invitation to the greatest wizarding school in the world received by all eligible young witches and wizards) under the hotel room door. Billy had taken the time to research what our childhood bedrooms looked like in order to make sure the letters were accurately addressed. He’s pretty thoughtful like that. After the excitement and some Starbucks, we made our way to the park to meet up with some other friends who decided to join in on the fun. Billy told us he had planned a surprise for our birthdays and needed to speak with guest services.

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Tara and I thought nothing of it and headed to get in line for our first ride. By the time we made it through, Billy had returned, and our other friends had arrived. We decided that we should next check out the show at Ollivander’s Wand Shop. We were stopped by the doorman as we were getting in line and told that because it was Tara’s birthday (she was wearing a pin), we could head to the front. Our party entered and the doors closed. We were apparently getting a private viewing. By then, we had realized this was for our birthday surprise. The show started, and I was called to the front to receive my wand. This is a process because of course; the wand chooses the wizard. My wand was made of hazel wood and possessed a core of unicorn hair. Ollivander explained the significance and after, I knew (having seen the show before) it was time to make our way to the store to purchase. Only, no one moved except Billy.

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Billy started to walk towards me, and I could see a shimmery piece of metal in his hand. Our friends lifted their phones to capture the moment. He knelt down and explained that the wand had much more meaning. He had actually chosen the type of wand to represent our relationship, consistent and faithful. I honestly had to have him tell me what he said again later because I was so excited to say “YES.”

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