Billy and Ellen

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How We Met

Our story starts back when we were both kids in high school in Richmond, VA. We were introduced by mutual friends during my junior year of high school, and Ellen’s sophomore year. As most high schoolers are, we were both too shy to talk, but were immediately attracted to each other.

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From the moment I met Ellen, I knew if there was a chance to even take her out on a date, I could not pass the moment by; she was that good of a catch. Over that summer, Ellen and I continued to talk more and more, before making it official my senior year. We quickly fell in love and knew we both did not want to be apart from each other. While Ellen was still in high school, I had started my first year at college; but our relationship never changed. By the time we both finished college at Christopher Newport University, we had been together for over six years.

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how they asked

After graduating college, I started working for Northrop Grumman where I am a computer engineer, and Ellen is a program manager in Williamsburg. Our seventh year anniversary was approaching on September 25, 2016 and we had planned a long weekend in Charleston, SC. It would be a relaxing trip full of good food and beautiful sites. Unfortunately for Ellen, I lied and told her we had an important corporate dinner to attend the night before we left (still thankful she never put the puzzle pieces together). I knew she was stressed about packing for the trip and having to meet my coworkers. Little did she know, an entirely different plan had been plotted.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2017, Ellen got home from work around 6:30. I had told her I was going to pick up a rental car for the trip and would be back shortly. In reality, I had friends in a white Mercedes Benz sitting around the corner just waiting for my call. I called Ellen and told her to come downstairs from our apartment, and that we needed to get going. As Ellen walked down the steps, she was greeted with a dozen white roses and a note hinting at what was about to happen. She was escorted downtown, to a rooftop overlooking the Richmond skyline. The rooftop had been decorated with white linens, candles, more roses, globe lights, our favorite music, and even a bottle of champagne.

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As Ellen arrived, the cloudy and miserable day it had been cleared, and a sunset neither of us could have dreamed appeared. God had truly blessed us and continues to look out for us both. We celebrated the engagement by calling all of our family and friends, just before dining at one of our favorite restaurants overlooking the James River in downtown Richmond.

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This was the single best day of our lives and I could not have dreamed the night to go better. This was followed by an amazing weekend in Charleston, SC celebrating the two of us.

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