Bill and Kelliann

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How We Met

Bill and I met in college at Northeastern University, where he was completing a 5-year program in Chemical Engineering and I was in my junior year of a 4-year program in Human Services. I am a sister of Kappa Delta Sorority, and that autumn, we were paired with Kappa Sigma Fraternity for Homecoming 2013. At Northeastern, and at many other schools, sisters are paired with brothers of the partner fraternity as “pomping partners”, which are essentially “dates” for Homecoming week. Often, these are just groups of friends and no one takes it to mean true “dates” – it’s just a fun way to meet new people! I was Social Chair for that year, but I was late to the meeting where we began pairing couples. When I got there, I was already paired with Bill! I was initially hesitant, as I had never met him and he was two years older than me, but my sisters encouraged me to keep the pairing as it stood.

They said he was very kind, very respectful, and that we would get along great; I decided to go with it! Little did I know… A few days later, I met Bill briefly at one of the Homecoming events, where I presented him with (badly burnt) chocolate chip cookies. I immediately had butterflies and thought he was unbelievably handsome, so naturally I barely said anything and sat with my sisters! Later that week, we exchanged numbers over Facebook and began planning our “dynamic duo” costume for the weekend’s social. After much deliberation, we decided on Mario and Peach from Nintendo! I was thrilled to be able to wear pink and a tiara, and Bill already had a Mario costume from a previous Halloween – perfect! Soon it was the weekend, and we attended a party in Boston’s Mission Hill neighborhood with all of our friends. Bill came prepared with flavored Andre champagne (very college) and a huge smile. Once again, the butterflies took flight and I couldn’t even look at him without blushing – I’m sure I matched my strawberry champagne!

We spent the party mingling with friends and decided to catch up that evening for the Dynamic Duo social. We began texting back and forth and I quickly realized that this boy was *not* just another “pomping partner” – he was a true gentleman. How did I get so lucky?! We spent the social dancing the night away in our silly costumes, and started to realize that we shared tons of mutual friends! I couldn’t believe I had never met him before and that it took a random pairing to introduce us! After that night, we spent every day together, and within a few dates I knew he was the one. He asked me to be his girlfriend on December 6th, 2013 and the rest is (magical, wonderful, beautiful, amazing) history! P.S. I still have the Google Doc that shows us paired together for Homecoming – who knew that it would be so important?!

how they asked

On Friday, May 12th my mom and I had plans to do a “spa day” to celebrate Mother’s Day and the completion of my first year of my graduate program. We got facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures – a perfect Friday! After the spa, we had plans to go to dinner for my grandfather’s 86th birthday at McLoone’s Rum Runner in Seabright, NJ. This restaurant is directly across from my beach club, which is easily the most sentimental place for me. I have been attending Ship Ahoy Beach Club since I was three years old and have made so many lifelong family friends there! We got back to my parent’s house from the spa around 4:30 and my mom and I began getting ready for dinner.

Bill texted me that he, my dad, and our dog Cisco were out at the Tiki Bar (a family favorite location) getting a few beers. I gently reminded him of our 5:45 reservation, and he promised that they would be home soon to get ready. An hour went by, and the boys still weren’t home, so my mom and I began to get a bit nervous… In (fabricated) panic, my mom announced that we should just leave without them so as not to keep my grandfather waiting at the restaurant. I agreed, and we jumped in the car to head to Seabright. We had heard rumors that Ship Ahoy was trying to build their own tiki bar, so instead of turning into McLoone’s, my mom turned into Ship Ahoy and suggested that we see if any new construction had gone on.

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I didn’t even think twice – of course I would want to investigate! I got out of the car and walked on the beach, only to see Bill waiting for me… Bill was waiting patiently on the beach with our dog Cisco, a sign with our favorite saying, and a wooden box full of rose petals, bottles of Andre, and stuffed Mario and Peach dolls – completely representative of our first memories together! He also had a huge bouquet of my favorite flowers, and had put a bow-tie on Cisco! I almost fainted. I walked toward him, shaking, and I remember saying to myself “this is it”. He told me that he had wanted to marry me since the moment we met, and then he got down on one knee to ask me the most important question of our lives.

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He showed me the ring, but I launched into a huge hug before he could even put it on my finger. Forever with my best friend? Of course!! As if this day wasn’t already magical enough, I turned around to see so many of our loved ones there to witness the proposal. My parents, Bill’s parents, my grandfather, and two of my best friends (one of whom took all of the photographs!) were all there to celebrate with us.

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It was so special to have my family members and my soon-to-be-family members in attendance. There is not a thing I would change about this proposal – it was so personal and so thoughtful. I am the luckiest girl in the world!!

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