Vanessa and Will | Big Sur Marriage Proposal

WillProposal155How we met: Will and I met in the Summer of 2010. A mutual friend of ours brought Will to a little party at my house. Once greeting them outside my house, we were introduced, and literally, by the time we walked back inside, Will and I were already flirting, joking, and smiling.

The next day, Will took the liberty to request me on Facebook and Words With Friends, and after happily accepting, we were instantly in each other lives. It was the night before Thanksgiving where we finally went on our first date, and I have been grateful for him ever since.

how they asked: Will and I planned to go on a road trip up North for our Spring Break vacation, as well as for his birthday, which was on March 30th. After stopping in Los Olivos for the night, we continued our drive to our next destination, Big Sur. We stayed at the beautiful Post Ranch Inn to celebrate Will’s birthday…and what I didn’t know quite yet, our engagement.

After checking into our gorgeous villa, Will wanted us to get dressed to go for a walk to explore the grounds of Post Ranch Inn. He said “6:30 should be enough time to walk around and head to dinner.”

Around 6:30, we went for a little walk that ended up being the best footsteps ever taken. He casually led us to a cliffside area that overlooked the ocean, where I saw a blanket, long stem roses, and a photographer.

Before I could even comprehend what was going on, he let go of my hand and said,

“This is it. This is happening.”



He told me how much he loved me, and asked me the best question of our lives!


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After saying “YES,” we walked through the forest where our photographer was able to capture our priceless moments of pure happiness, excitement, and love. Will led us to the epic Spirt Nest surrounded by moss trees where he had arranged a sunset picnic with champagne and a cheese plate. He even knew what time the sun was setting. Will clearly thought of everything. Our proposal was our best day and experience yet!


As Will told me, “All I wanted for my birthday was to be able to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. I’m happy I’m getting my wish.”

Photos by Jen Davis