Bibi and Roman

Image 1 of Bibi Yasmin and Roman

How We Met

Our friends were stopping in Austin for a quick margarita and taco on their way back to the East Coast, when they both thought they should meet up with their friends from college. Jackie called me and asked me to meet up with her for Happy Hour. Her boyfriend was going to call his friend, Roman, to meet up as well. She insisted this meet up would be great, since I had recently moved to Austin and needed to make friends. I hesitantly agreed to come. When I arrived I shook Roman’s hand and introduced myself, he interjected and said, “yeah I know who you are and everything about you already”. My first impression; this boy is just rude, and I am here to see my friend, not him. Conversation continued and I just remember calling Roman and his friend “old”. Roman spent the rest of happy hour making fun of me and it reiterated my impression of how rude he was. He then ordered ice cream and sopapillas to share. I accepted his peace offering. Upon leaving the restaurant, Roman and his friend drooled over his motorcycle, which did not impress me. As I said my goodbyes, he came after me and asked for my number. At the time, I was convinced he was doing this for his friend and to be nice, he was never going to text me. He texted me the following week and then he never stopped.

Image 2 of Bibi Yasmin and Roman

how they asked

Roman took Bibi to their favorite city, New York for a summer vacation. On that trip, Roman was secretive and would not let Bibi plan anything. Their first stop was Central Park where Bibi had previously expressed how much she wanted to go on the lake and recreate her Notebook movie dream. And that is where Roman took her. On a hot sunny day, Roman rowed and rowed until he stopped and started a serious conversation about how much he loved Bibi. And all of a sudden he popped the question. Bibi cried and said yes, while strangers clapped loudly and cheered in excitement because she said yes! Roman surprised her with a photographer along the proposal to document every moment, who happened to be rowing right beside them! After saying yes and taking pictures along Central Park, Roman continued his day of surprises by taking Bibi on a private helicopter ride over New York City. They were able to view the entire city and get some alone time while mesmerizing the skyscrapers. The best day “yet” in their lives ended quietly at a romantic dinner in the city where Bibi was still speechless at how Roman pulled off the biggest surprise of their lives and he divulged all the moments leading up to their big day and called to share the great news with family and friends.

Image 3 of Bibi Yasmin and Roman