Bianka and Oscar

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How We Met

You always see it in the movies, boy meets girl in some random aisle at the grocery store and BOOM, there you have it. Next thing you know they fall in love and the rest is history, right? Well, that, that is how our story began…or is it?

It was in 2013, I was a recent high school grad wanting a job. My mom, who is a manager at Ralphs grocery store, decided to get me a part-time job as a bagger. Since I was unable to work for my mom (you know- no special treatment allowed), my Godmother, also a manager at Ralphs, hired me at her store in Downtown San Diego. My first day on the job and my Godmother has another bagger show me around, Oscar. Now, Oscar has known my Godmother since he was a child. His mom & she are LONG time friends, but we’ll get back to that later.

At the time, I had a boyfriend and Oscar had a girlfriend. There was never any flirting or anything and almost a year had passed of just being co-workers (although he later admitted to me that he would actively check my Instagram haha!) He was even transferred to the meat/seafood department. One evening, I received a RANDOM text message from him thanking me for what I did for him that day. “HUH?!” is all I could think to myself. I replied back asking what the heck he was talking about- in a nicer manner of course. A few texts went back and forth about this thoughtful thing I had done and how appreciative he was of it, etc. All while me being utterly confused. Finally, he told me he was thanking me for throwing my clementine peels in the trash in the seafood department, as it helped mask the smell of fish. That was my first insight on his silly personality that I would soon be falling head over heels for. From then on- the texts never stopped.

Remember earlier when I said I would get back to the whole Godmother story? I received a call from her asking if I wanted to accompany her to a surprise engagement party for her *only other* goddaughter- coincidentally, Oscar’s older sister. I said yes and before even technically dating, I met all of Oscar’s family. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love and they are not kidding when they say “you’ll know when YOU KNOW.” On our first date, we both immediately knew this was it. We found our soul mate, our person. We knew the summer of late night beach drives listening to Lana Del Rey would last a lifetime.

What further solidified to us being soul mates was a series of crazy things that tied us together way before we could ever imagine. Coincidence? Fate? Simply meant to be? Small world? You decide. We soon found out we graduated from the same high school, he actually graduated in the same class as my older brother. He was a football player and I was a cheerleader, funny that our mom’s actually met at a Friday night game yet Oscar and I didn’t even know one another existed. My Godmother’s only other goddaughter is his sister. My mom hired my best friend from high school to also work at Ralphs, at the same location where Oscar’s brother had worked. Yup, they are also happily together with their own baby boy. Lastly, turns out I have known Oscar’s stepbrother since I was in the first grade. We didn’t discover this until two years into our relationship but also very, very crazy!

I am for sure a hopeless romantic and have decided that we definitely were destined to cross paths at a grocery store and do life together, forever.

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How They Asked

We are HUGE Disney nerds. We spend most of our free days at Disneyland. It’s where our favorite dates and most of our dates take place. It was the weekend of October 21st and what I thought was to be any other Disney filled weekend. Oscar rented us a room on Saturday night and on Sunday morning we got ready to spend the day at the park. Upon arriving he asked me if I wanted to have our picture taken in front of the giant Halloween Mickey pumpkin. Me being a sucker for pictures, of course, I said YES! That was the first “YES!” of the day, but def, not the most important. It’s finally our turn and we had our pictures taken.

Then as I walk away to grab my purse, Oscar pulled me back and started with a “Baby, you know I love you, right?” He got down on one knee in front of the Mickey pumpkin and PROPOSED! Ahh!! He was nervous, I was nervous and everything happened so fast! I immediately started to cry and told him YES! A million times YES. The crowds cheered and whistled as we took more pictures. I was in the clouds. My love asked me to marry him at the happiest, most magical place on the Earth.

Since it was Halloween time and the parks were decked out in decor, he asked me if I wanted to take some more pictures at Disney California Adventure. Again- sucker for pictures so there we went.

As I was taking a selfie in between parks I felt this sudden shadow over me..and in the camera of my phone, I see BOTH OUR MOM’s standing there behind me!!! AT DISNEYLAND! They were secretly waiting there all morning, It was perfect. I fell into my mom’s arms and was the happiest girl in the universe. Still am.

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