Bianca and James

How We Met

James and I met in High school in 2011. He was a Senior and I was a Junior. We had mutual friends and that is how we were introduced. At first we both knew we liked each other very much but we weren’t sure where this was going. With both us wanting to go away to college we kept an open mind on our young, blossoming relationship. But as fate would have it we both ended up at the same University and got to spend all four years together. James studying to be an engineer had to stay at school for an extra year to finish up his degree. Again our relationship was tested when I decided to follow my dreams of becoming a flight attendant. I then got based in San Francisco, California, this quite far from where we grew up in South Florida. James, like always supported this decision with open arms and heart. We again beat the odds, time zones and jet lag.

In December 2016 James graduated and decided to go on a 6 month trek around the world. Fully supporting him we agreed we would meet up once a month somewhere in the world. Luckily my job affords me the ability to fly to meet him.We have traveled together a lot but since January we have stayed in the Amazon in Peru, Gone for Sushi in Japan, Scuba dived in Thailand, Got engaged in Scotland, Ate fish and chips in London, and roamed like a Roman in Italy. Now I never thought James would be proposing on our most recent trip to Europe. So on a beautiful day in a castle in Edinburgh, Scotland the love of my life popped the question! I was in complete shock after 6 years s boyfriend and girlfriend we are finally tying the knot!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Edinburgh, Scotland

how they asked

We landed in Edinburgh, Scotland and the one thing on James’s to do list was go see the Edinburgh castle. I was a little jet lagged so he was really trying to get me excited about this castle. Finally after we got a bite to eat in the ‘old town’ we headed up to the castle. We bought our tickets and spent an hour just walking around taking in the beautiful panoramic views the castle had to offer. We took breathtaking pictures and learned about the castles history. It was near closing time and the day had been overcast. We headed to the garden area at the castle and James asked this group of girls to take a picture of us.

Proposal Ideas Edinburgh, Scotland

Little did I know they knew what he was about to do as well. As we are posing for the picture he gets down one knee and asked to marry him.

I was over the moon, and in complete shock. All i could think about was how lucky I am to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend.