Bianca and Vincent

BMVIt started off as a regular Saturday afternoon. Me and my boyfriend were going to watch a movie. We had some time to kill so he suggested we walk through the park (Central Park). We do this often so it was nothing out of the ordinary for us. We begin to walk across the park along the way seeing quite a few weddings.

So we stop to sit at the fountain and figure out what we should get to eat. I was starving and only had one thing on my mind food! As we begin to walk again we stop in front of the fountain Vincent suggests we take a photo. He goes up to a complete stranger and asks him to take a photo of us. Which in reality he told him to record because he was about to propose.

Vincent comes back put his arm around me, kisses me and then tells me to go see how the picture came out. When I turn around I see my friends and family holding signs that say “Will You Marry Me?” This is where I lose it. He gets down on one knee all I can manage is a head nod.

The video really captures how special of a moment it is. This basically summarizes the best day ever.