Bianca and Stephan

How We Met

Stephan and I met at a skating rink during an event for our church’s youth group. I knew immediately that I had to know more about him. Eventually we bonded further while making cookies for a homeless outreach. A few church events and hangouts later we decided to be “boyfriend and girlfriend.” I was 14 years old, Stephan was 15 and here we are over 8 years later.

Image 1 of Bianca and Stephan.

how they asked

Stephan’s mom had the idea to throw him a surprise birthday dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, she gave me the details about the event and asked me to distract him. I told Stephan that I thought it would be a good idea to go to dinner and get dressed up, he agreed. Finally, Saturday arrived and I took him around Fort Worth. We strolled through one of our favorite areas, stopping at several stores and shops, taking pictures along the way. As we walked around he excused himself to “use the restroom”. I thought to myself, “What a perfect moment to call his mom and make sure that his surprise party was going as planned.” After Stephan returned he said that he had come up with the perfect place to take pictures. Suddenly we arrived at the Japanese Gardens, and I couldn’t wait to take more pictures. When we arrived at the ticket vendor’s window he told us that the gardens had already closed. At this point I noticed Stephan’s demeanor change, and he asked me to step aside. I waited for him a mere 20 seconds until he signaled me to follow him. As we walked into the garden we stopped to take a few photos and to take in the lush scenery. He, then, led me further down the trail until we reached a small deck over looking the pond. It was decorated with pillows, lanterns and to my surprise, pictures of us. He then grabbed a blazer which had been placed at the end of the bench, and proceeded to put it on. I noticed that a small microphone had been clipped to the blazer. He connected it to his phone then started the recording. Then he grabbed my hands and told me the sweetest words. FINALLY he knelt down on one knee and uttered the words “Bianca, will you marry me?”

Of course I responded “yes!” immediately

Image 2 of Bianca and Stephan

Image 3 of Bianca and Stephan

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