Bianca and Stefano

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How We Met

Stefano and I’s love story proves that sometimes the best things in life are right in front of you, but you need to grow up to realize it. Our love story begins back in New Jersey where we both grew up a town away from each other. Our schools being so close meant that there was a lot of crossover in friends, yet he had never crossed my path and I his. One day I got that distinct blue bubble notification – a Facebook message. Stefano messaged me after coming across my profile in our connections and reached out asking to grab coffee. We met at a Starbucks in my town – I can still remember the two couches we sat on near the entrance. Our conversation consisted of the usual small talk and even included the always interesting question game. We ended up landing on the question ‘where do you want your honeymoon to be?’ ‘Bora, Bora!’ we both replied at the same time. A question that at the time I didn’t know was foreshadowing my future.

A few years later we went to different colleges, but our schools were seemingly as far away from each other as our towns back home. I went to school in Hoboken, NJ and him in New York. A mile separated us. He played Lacrosse in college and his team had an annual formal. He ended up reaching out to me one day asking if I would be his date (as friends of course!) and with how easy it was to hang out with him I couldn’t pass up a night of smiles and laughs, of course I said yes. We had an amazing night at his formal and continued to talk for the weeks to come. We then made plans for New Years Eve – at midnight he asked me to be his girlfriend, one week before my study abroad in Paris. I looked at him crazy, screamed YES and the rest is history.

Fast forward to January 26, 2018 – I screamed YES again. This time for a lifetime. XO

how they asked

As I walked up the stairs in our apartment building I heard romantic music playing but couldn’t tell from which unit. Bunch of romantic neighbors I thought. I opened the door to our apartment and to my surprise my very own romantic had all the lights in the apartment tinted pink and red as the mushiest love songs played. There was a sticky note telling me to go into the bedroom to pick an outfit and a car would be here in an hour to pick me up and send me to my forever. He had three dresses hanging for me to choose from, baby blue roses on the dress and champagne in the fridge to enjoy during hair and makeup. I was already melting with how much thought was put into the night I was anxious for what was to come. The car took me to an apartment building in the East Village. I was greeted by a photographer who guided me to the top floor of an old historic building where there was an old charming cottage with brick walls, a fireplace and the love of my life. The lights were dimmed pink and the floor was lined with rose pedals and candles for me to follow. There was a violinist playing ‘perfect’ by Ed Sheeran.

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How fitting ‘could this get more perfect?’ I thought. I followed the rose pedals up the stairs to the terrace and there was my perfect man looking so handsome. The violinist started to play the song from the night he asked me to be his girlfriend four years ago. I immediately started crying I was so overcome by emotion. He gave a beautiful speech that I hardly remember because I was so dazed in the moment. YES YES YES – to today, tomorrow, and the rest of my life with you.

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