Bianca and Oscar

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how they asked

We recently moved from Buffalo, NY to San Antonio, TX and a good friend from NY was set to graduate from medical school in early May so we decided to take the trip while simultaneously celebrating our five year anniversary. We arrived a day early to spend the night in a B & B and have a nice dinner. We drove across the border to the cutest post-card town, Niagara-on-the-lake nestled in Canadian wine country. At Brockamour Manor and after being instructed to get ready for a nice evening out, I was informed that our ride had arrived.

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When I met Oscar downstairs, none other than a horse and carriage were waiting to take us to our destination. At this point, I knew something was about to happen and I tried to ignore my stomach doing flips and my heart beating out of my chest. After a stroll past the historic main street of the town, we made it down to a gazebo overlooking Lake Ontario.

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Oscar suggested we stop to take photos and I happily agreed. As we made our way down to the gazebo, the pathway was lined with rose petals and he guided me to the center of it.

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At this point, there was no doubt in my mind what was happening. He gave me the sweetest and most heartfelt speech about our journey up to this point and got down on one knee.

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I couldn’t wait to say yes, and of course, I ugly-cried. Unbeknownst to me, he had hired a photographer to capture the special moment and I will always cherish the photos of one of the best memories of our life together.

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That day was very reflective of our relationship; it had been overcast and raining all day but stopped for just enough time for him to ask and for Shelly to capture the beautiful photographs that she did. The first time we met, the timing was not right, but the second time around, the cloudiness of both our past relationships stopped for just long enough for us to foster the love and bond we have now.

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Special Thanks

Shelly Harrison
 | Photographer