Bianca and Matt

How We Met

You could say we met the old fashion way. On a random Tuesday, my college best friend invited me to go to dinner at the Irish Bread Pub in Covington Square, and there he was. Matt stood up, shook my hand, and the rest is history.

Our relationship is incredibly special in the sense that it is a partnership. Matt is my best friend and I his. We enjoy to do most of the same things together; like going to concerts, trying new restaurants, road tripping, golfing, etc. But more importantly, we also love to support one another in the areas where we differ such as our careers and personal goals. We are equals in all aspects of our relationship; love, trust, and support. Individually, we each make a conscious decision to make one another happy every single day. This is possibly the main ingredient in our happiness. The following allows our love to be effortless and fun. “You and me,” he says. “You and me.”

In all honesty, it was the day we last spent time together as friends, several days before our first date. We went to an Anderson East concert, at the Cox Capitol Theater in Macon on Sunday night with our close friends. That night, we danced, sang, and laughed with each other like no one else was in the concert hall with us, and it was in that moment that I pictured my life with him in it. I wanted to do all of those things and feel the way I did that night, for the rest of my life, with him.

how they asked

Oh, this a funny, but simple story. On Monday, October 9th, 2017, Columbus Day, while attending work meetings in Atlanta, Matt received a call from the jeweler (Harlin Diamonds in Atlanta) that my ring “was done and ready for pick up.” The ring was ready much earlier than he anticipated and he had yet put together a Proposal plan. Matt then picked up my ring, decided it was too beautiful to keep to himself, and came home and popped the big question.

Just like that! I was sitting in his recliner in his apartment, waiting for us to go to dinner together. He walks in and tells me that he has a “little gift” for me. Then he walks over to me, gets on one knee, takes the box out of his pocket, and with the biggest smile on his face says “Bianca, will you marry me?”

To say that I was shocked is an understatement, but I said “of course,” and had very sweet and private moment. We kissed, cried, and prayed, thanking God for bringing us together and leading us to that very special moment. “You and me, forever now,” he said.

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