Bianca and Lawrence

Proposal Ideas Sydney, Australia

How We Met

We were friends first, since year 7, so naturally the boys I went to primary school with was friends with Lawrence and that’s how we first knew each other, or so we thought! Little did we know, our grandparents were actually friends back on this little island in Sicily, Italy and our parents knew each other as well so we had met as little kids years before!

We actually didn’t like each other much during the later years of high school, we pretty much agitated each other and weren’t really good friends! It wasn’t until we were at schoolies in Terrigal that we really clicked and bonded over some similar aspects of life we were going through at the time and it kind of blossomed from there!

How They Asked

Looking back on the proposal now, everyone was being very strange leading up to it! His mum noticed my nails for the first time ever and asked if I got sns or shellac and what occasion I got them done and how long they last… the morning of, I had also stayed over At his families house and his mum asked if I was going to shower and freshen up!

At the time I wasn’t sure if she was asking because I smelt or looked horrible or if she was genuinely curious, but we all know why she was really asking! Once I got home to ‘shower and freshen up’ my dad was asking repeatedly “are you going out today, when is Lawrence picking you up? I thought you would be gone by now”, meanwhile I was cleaning my room and doing some house chores which a couple of days prior he was insisting for me to do and now he wants me to leave? So suspicious!

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sydney, Australia

The cover story for the whole thing was that we were going to opera bar for my step mums birthday, so I was getting ready for that, when Lawrence wanted to ‘do something before we went’ which was a last-minute text message saying he will pick me up at 2!

Okay! Lawrence starts driving really slow, taking wrong turns because in hindsight he was trying to be at the proposal location right on time! We are heading in the location to our favorite park, the park where we first started dating, numerous picnics, and we have an engraved padlock somewhere on the rock face, so it means a lot! I had a feeling we were heading there, thinking maybe this is the day, is he actually asking me to marry him? But surely not, it’s my step mum’s birthday dinner… we arrive and start walking down the steps of the park, he is holding my hand so tightly, and repeatedly saying I love you! He is nervous but excited I know it!

We turn the corner past the rock face and this beautiful picnic with a canopy is in sight, I’m thinking is this for me? Is this a proposal set up? Surely not? What if it’s a really nice picnic? What if he is about to ask me to marry him? So many feelings and emotions running through my head, we arrive in front of the set up with music in the back group, this beautiful setup, and view and the most perfect boy in the world, and he looks at me and tells me he loves me, he wants to spend his life with me and I mean the world to him and “will you marry me” as he gets on one knee, it all happened so fast but I tell him of course whilst I’m ugly crying and full of happiness and love and so lucky to be engaged to this beautiful man of mine!

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