Bianca and Kentan

How We Met

**cliche coming** In college he was a basketball player, I was a cheerleader.

How They Asked

We always joke that when we travel we only have pictures of each other separately, so on our very first time in Paris we were determined to get a picture of us with the Eiffel Tower. So when he said he had a teammate close by that would meet us and take our picture I was so excited! We walked to an ally way with the most PERFECT view of the tower and other couples were getting their picture taken there as well so I knew it was a great shot. This really nice woman approached me and asked if we wanted her to take our picture and I automatically said no, worried this complete stranger was going to run with my camera… but he convinced me to let her! Once we were posed she switched to her personal camera and I asked what was going on, looked down and there was the ring and I was 100% shocked (clearly)!