Bianca and Justin

Image 1 of Bianca Di and Justin

How We Met

I first met Justin in December of 2009. We were both working at a restaurant and I still remember the first time I saw him – all new and shiny – and introduced myself. Unfortunately for both of us, things didn’t really progress much after the first initial meeting; we were working different shifts and both seeing other people. It was on Super Bowl Sunday that we both happened to be single and finished work around the same time, so we ended up grabbing a drink which turned into a date a few nights later that lasted 9 hours!

After that first date, we were inseparable. We continued to work together for a few more months before both of us found new jobs and enjoyed our growing relationship.

how they asked

This past autumn was rough on us since Justin was away working overseas for 3 weeks, then as soon as he got home we had a scare with his heart that thankfully ended up being nothing. It was after this scare and a night at the emergency room that he decided he needed a trip. It was spontaneous and unexpected, and I was super reluctant to go since we recently went on vacation. I agreed to it since he was overworked, stressed, and needed some TLC.

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We stayed at a beautiful resort in Cancun and had the best time! Finally, on our last night, we were enjoying some time on our balcony when he hugged me and told me how great this trip has been. I was absolutely shocked when he proceeded to get down on one knee and propose to me! I promptly laughed at him out of shock, love, and being exhausted (this was 3:30 am). I said yes and we waited until our families would be awake to tell them the good news!

Image 3 of Bianca Di and Justin