Bianca and Johnnathan

Bianca's Proposal in Paris, France

How We Met

My fiancé and I met one another in middle school during sixth grade orientation. We were required to sit close to one another since our seats were in alphabetical order by last name. He was a class clown and I was the shy, quiet girl so our conversations were very limited that year. The next year we had multiple classes together with mutual friends and became good friends despite our very opposite personalities. By our eighth grade year, we were dating. We continued to date through high school, and even college and after 8 great years we are engaged and I will be soon marrying my “middle school sweetheart.”

how they asked

When I graduated college, my boyfriend gifted me a trip to Paris. Since Paris is such a beautiful city, he told me hired a photographer to take pictures of us. I thought nothing of this because we had been planning to take professional pictures together since we didn’t have many nice pictures of us over the 8 years we had been together. On the morning of the photoshoot, we arrived in front of the beautiful Eiffel Tower. We posed for a couple of photos and just as the sun was rising, he dropped on one knee. I was in complete shock. He slid the most stunning ring on my finger and we embraced one another. The moment we had been talking about since we were young kids was finally happening and it was caught on camera so we canremember it forever.

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