Bianca and Jesse

Bianca and Jesse's Engagement in Juno Beach, Florida

How We Met

Jesse and I went to elementary, middle school, and some of the high school together. Although we had some mutual friends in common growing up. Our paths still never crossed. Until my freshman year of college about 6 years ago.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Juno Beach, Florida

We both got invited to a mutual old high school friend’s get together. I was hesitant at first because I had not spoken to this friend in so long, but I attended anyway. You know, why not? Who knew this decision would change everything for me.

Where to Propose in Juno Beach, Florida

As I showed up to this gathering and got introduced to people. When it came to getting introduced to Jesse. Before I could say anything. Jesse effortlessly made me laugh with his humor and made me smile with his dimpled smile. I laughed so much, I made him laugh. We spent all night laughing at each other and making jokes.

The chemistry was there. You know how they say “and the rest is history”.

How They Asked

I had always wished to see and be on the beach. I had this whole imagination about how it would look and feel. Jesse made my dream come true when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.