Bianca and Emmanuel

How We Met

Manny and I have known each other for 8 years thanks to my best friend, Lily. While I was still living in Puerto Rico, we became great friends and eventually best friends. Fast forward a few years and I relocated to New York City in 2015. Manny asked me to be his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, the following year. Him being my best friend simply made our relationship so effortless. We knew we were meant for each other early on and had spoken about our future together. Him living in New Jersey and I in Brooklyn meant we didn’t get to see each other often like other couples..if there’s anything I’ve learned is that Love travels. Great distances, through crazy weather, through sickness, Love will travel.

how they asked

Fast forward to 2 years and 7 months later,He said he planned a beautiful day date for us, on Saturday, (September 22nd, 2018) and right before leaving the house get a call from my uncle that he needed to show us something he got for us, at the house just a block away… He and I are walking he tells me our date is to begin in Central Park and would continue from there. (I thought he would propose there, honestly) so when we arrive at the building and walk down the hallway I knock on the door.

He rushes to walk in before me and the door is slowly pulled open and I suddenly hear Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” start to play…and as the door is pulled completely open, in front of me I see my whole family standing with each a red rose in their hand and the message “Will U Marry Me” written on the floor in balloons with a heart shape made of over a thousand rose petals. It took a few seconds for it to fully sink in what was happening. Of course, I started tearing up as I looked around the room that was beautifully decorated.

As I went around the room collecting my roses he waited patiently until I was done and then he got on one knee and spoke beautifully of our 8 year friendship, how I relationship blossomed and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, of course, all teary-eyed I said “Yes!” Safe to say there was not a dry eye in the room.