Bianca and Edi

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How We Met

Edi and I met 8 years ago at a church he was attending at the time. It was my first time at the church, so I was meeting A LOT of people at once… I don’t remember much that day but he definitely remembered me! For the next several years, Edi and I continued to stay very fond of each other… We were part of the same group of friends, and spent many Summer’s camping, river floating, attending church services and events. Edi was persistent in pursuing me on and off for those years, but I was always too hesitant… still young and indecisive. All of our friends knew we had a deep connection, a bond that couldn’t be broken no matter how hard we tried. Those years made our friendship so strong, and we learned so much about one another… the perfect foundation to a solid relationship.

So finally, on New Years Day in 2014, Edi asked me to be his girlfriend. I took a leap of faith and said yes, knowing he was my best friend and someone I wanted to share the future with. It was crazy to realize it was actually happening after so much time spent being friends, now we were DATING… And it was so much better!

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how they asked

Then on October 17, 2015… Edi proposed.

I would say I was a very patient girlfriend, never gave too many hints and didn’t whine about wanting to be “engaged already”. The only thing I mentioned from time to time, was a ring I had fallen in love with. Edi knew where to take it from there.

I assumed Edi would propose in the summer because that’s his favorite season, so as June passed… and then July… and then August, I was beginning to worry… and he could tell. Later I found out this was a frustrating time for him, considering he had a ring and a plan and there I was, unsure if he even wanted to be with me anymore!

Once September rolled around, I figured summer was over. I stopped wondering if the upcoming weekend would be THE weekend he’d propose and focused on other things to get my mind off it.

My favorite season is fall, favorite month is October. Something about the crisp air, leaves falling and crunching beneath your feet, the colors and smells… I could go on forever! The sweet guy Edi is, he waited for my favorite season.

We planned a day trip to Leavenworth, WA (where we have been together for a few memorable trips)… He picked me up from home, and was acting pretty normal. I thought MAYBE if something were to happen that day, I would catch a wink between him and my dad… or just some indication that something was going down. I kept looking for clues but couldn’t find any. We both dressed nice since we brought our camera to take cute photos on our day date. The car ride was fun, he made a CD with our latest favorite songs and he didn’t seem out of it – just texting A LOT. I didn’t look into it too much.

Once we got to Leavenworth, it was packed! Octoberfest was in full swing. Trying to find a parking spot was tough, and he ended up parking in a “15 minute only” spot. I was so confused but he was sure he didn’t want to look for parking anymore and was willing to “risk it”. He asked me if I wanted to get coffee or walk around the park, I said coffee… But he said “how about we walk around the park” which is so funny to me now because he had a schedule and had to stick with it!

He led me through the park a bit outside of town, where we walked through trails filled with autumn leaves and over bridges overlooking the lake below. He pointed towards a grassy area facing a pond and we walked over to it and stared out for a bit. He then took both my hands and spoke sweet words about our relationship and the future he wants to have with me, I was getting very nervous at this point. He then got on his knee and asked me to marry him! He pulled out the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen and I of course said yes! Tears began following and I was slightly hyperventilating as he then led me over a small hill to an area with several blankets and pillows with hot apple cider and pastries waiting for us. After we spent some alone time together, there was MORE to the surprise… My sister, my brother in law and my FUTURE brother in law were hiding behind the bushes filming and taking photos of the whole thing! They jumped out and congratulated us and that’s when I began bawling my eyes out. It meant so much to me to have them there. After more pictures and more staring in disbelief at my left hand, Edi said we were going to have lunch somewhere. We packed everything up and walked back through the park. Little did I know I was in for another surprise, my entire family was waiting for us at the restaurant! More crying, more shock. It was such a special moment! Everything was executed so perfectly. So romantic, so special, and so us.

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