Bianca and Eddik

Image 1 of Bianca and EddikHow We Met: Back in 2012, I was going to a church where his three sisters just started attending. We became friends quickly, as I also have four sisters. After adding them on as Facebook friends, and looking through all their pictures, I discovered they also had a very cute older brother. One of his sisters went to him after she met me and told him “there is this super beautiful girl at church and you would totally like her.” Little did I know, he had seen me before at a different service and thought how pretty I was and that I was so out of his league. After getting back from working out of town, he decided to come with his sisters to youth group and that is where we first met. I got down off the stage after worship, walked down to sit by them and there he was. We both looked at each other, smiled, and then he went to shake my hand. I quickly gave him a hug and said “I’m a hugger.” That moment, I knew he was worth getting to know (and he thought the same about me.)

how they asked: The day before we got engaged, he had his sister text and invite me to watch the sunset and go to dinner the next night with their parents for their 29th anniversary! I double checked with my mom to make sure that we didn’t have any plans for the next day and it was set. In the morning, my mom had me put on the outfit she bought me that I wore for valentines day and I went to church and lunch with two of his sisters. After lunch, we met up with his parents to go and watch the sunset. I was just along for the ride so whatever they wanted to do for their anniversary, I was ready for. We got in the truck and headed to the mountain. As we got to the bottom of the mountain, his dad stopped the truck and decided to blindfold his wife, me, and one of the sisters (who hadn’t “seen the sunset view” either). I was cracking jokes and bumping along until we finally reached the top of the mountain and he said, “Don’t take off your blindfold because we will take you out and lead you to the view.” I, being along for whatever, thought nothing of it and was excited to see this beautiful view. Quickly after Eddik’s dad and sister led me out of the truck, they stopped me and took the blindfold off. His sister began playing Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”. I looked straight ahead and was shocked to see Eddik standing there with a beautiful proposal setup behind him. My first reaction to him was, “You’re supposed to be in Guatemala!!!” (I had dropped him off four days before to go on a missions trip until the 16th.) He led me by my hand to the end of the cliff, along a white path filled with red roses and candles lit along the sides, with a beautiful candle-lit table, our initials B&E hanging from the side, grape sparkling cider, bouquets of flowers, and the Las Vegas strip and a beautiful sunset in the backdrop, and all I could think of was, “Is this a dream? Is this the moment I’ve dreamt of my whole life finally happening?!”. After reminding me how much he loved me, and other things I couldn’t remember because I was filled with shock and excitement, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. With a big smile, staring down at him, I responded with a strong “YES!!!” I looked behind us to see both of our families and some friends standing there shouting with joy! It could not have been a more perfect proposal and I cannot wait to finally become his wife.

Image 2 of Bianca and Eddik

Photography by Omar & Amanda El-Takrori
Videography by Kyle Anderson