Bianca and Drew

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How We Met

We met our Junior year of college (at the College of William and Mary) in a Finance class (so romantic…) and then became close friends when we interned together at an Investment Bank in NYC. It took us while to realize that our relationship was meant to be go beyond ‘just friends’. We made it official in March of 2009 and the rest is history.

how they asked

Drew: I had been planning to propose for a couple of months, but given our travel schedules, I had been unable to get Bianca to spend a weekend with me without family, friends, or Sunday travel for one work trip or another. I was sitting on the engagement ring for over a month and decided to just go for it. I called Bianca’s parents the Tuesday before to let them know I was going to surprise her and propose that weekend in D.C. while she was visiting them. The night before the proposal, I spent the night with Kristin, Bianca’s best friend from college and her husband. They helped me mastermind the whole thing and figure out logistics. We scoped out different spots in Dumbaton Oaks, to try to find the best spot. It actually worked out well with the rain. There weren’t a lot of people around and we had the grounds mostly to ourselves. We are terrible about taking photos so I hired a photographer to capture the moment. He was incredibly patient with me and was a champ waiting in the rain. Bianca: I had zero clue that Drew was going to be proposing to me that rainy Saturday, or that we were even in the same time zone that weekend. We both travel quite a bit, and I was visiting family and friends between work travel in NYC and Atlanta. Drew was not supposed to be in Washington, D.C. As far as I knew, he was home with our dog back in San Diego. After a leisurely, wine filled lunch with Kristin, my best friend from college (after further review, I now know why she was a bit distracted during lunch), she convinced me to walk through Dumbarton Oaks despite the rain. I still had zero clue at this point. As we were walking through the drizzle, and as I was babbling away about a recent trip to London, we turned a corner and Drew started walking through the hedges. I knew at that instant and immediately starting crying (and not the cute kind of crying). I barely remember what he said to me as he threw my ugly orange umbrella to the side, handed me a sleek black umbrella and got down on one knee. All I remember is him saying ‘you make me so happy…’ and my brain telling my lips to move and physically say the word ‘yes’.

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