Bianca and Derek

Bianca and Derek's Engagement in His parents living room

How We Met

We actually met through Instagram! We randomly had started following each other and started liking each other’s pictures. We had never actually met. Derek was really persistent on commenting on my pictures. He’d always write things like “wifey” or asking why we hadn’t hung out yet. One day I finally made the initiative to get his number. We spoke for a little bit but nothing really happened. We didn’t get to hang out until at least a year later when he came to visit me at my job for the first time. Even then he was telling everyone I was his future wife. But even after that we still didn’t continue to hang out until at least another year later.

Bianca's Proposal in His parents living room

In July 2014 we went our first date. That night he told be loved me. Maybe it was truth maybe it was the tequila, either way I took it to heart. And since that day we had become inseparable. I didn’t know what was going to happen but I knew that Derek was a breath of fresh air and I couldn’t wait to see what the future held for us. Things moved at lightning speed.

I became pregnant with our first daughter Valentina. She’s the sunshine on a cloudy day, the joy that this world needs, she’s the light of our lives. Because of her we both became better versions of ourselves.

how they asked

On Christmas Day 2016, Derek had Valentina and I up at 6 in the morning. He was pretty excited. All night I stood up praying he would propose that day. We rushed downstairs to bring our daughter to her first Christmas in her first new home. I was so excited to see my daughter rampage through gift after gift. After our daughter it was my turn.

I knew for sure he would do it then. I knew I would be engaged. Derek’s hands me my gift, I open it, and inside were two diamond bracelets. Although beautiful I was pretty bummed. So the Day continued on as normal…Derek opened his gifts and I still wasn’t engaged. At that point I let the idea go. We headed to his parents house since that was the first stop of the day. I was pretty nervous since we had a big announcement for everyone that day. I was pregnant with baby number two! With my mind all over the place our daughter began to go through her gifts one by one. That I God for the distraction. After she was done we decided it was time for our big announcement. We had our daughter push out a mini shopping cart with a chalkboard that read “I’m going to be a big sister.”

Everyone was shocked, happy, confused, but overall elated to add another grandchild. But wait! There was one more gift for Valentina that needed to be opened. Derek handed me the gift and I began to open it. Inside was another chalkboard. But this time it read “mommy will you marry my daddy?” My dreams came true at that very moment.

My little prayers were answered as Derek got down on one knee asked me to marry him. With our daughter right by my side, it was the greatest feeling in the world.

Special Thanks

Natasha Antonucci-Najemian