Bianca and Dana

Where to Propose in At home in our dining room

How We Met

Our first date was July 13, 2018 (Friday the 13th). Dana and I had arranged to meet up outside a coffee shop, and then walk through a park to go for ice cream 🍦. I was coming from the gym and when I had finally walked from my car to the coffee shop, I realized I was still wearing my shower flip-flops and had forgotten to change into my nice sandals. Because I was early, I decided to run back to my car and change (Later on, Dana told me he was sitting in the parking lot watching me and thought I had decided to bail last moment 😅).

At the end of our date, I left thinking that things couldn’t have possibly gone worse. We ordered our ice cream (I got vanilla), and I proceeded to spill it all over my new black blouse, to which Dana had to help me wash it off with his water bottle and hands. We ended up extending our date and grabbing dinner, where I ordered bacon-wrapped corn as my starter (😬) and was so nervous that I could barely make eye contact with him the entire night. At the end of dinner, I asked Dana if he wanted to grab a coffee before we both headed home, he ended up telling me: “I think I’m just going to walk you to your car.”

Our date ended in an awkward hug, and I thought it was safe to say I wasn’t getting a second.. but somehow, we’ve been inseparable ever since! We now consider Friday the 13th our lucky day 🍀

How They Asked

Dana and I were supposed to be leaving for a trip to Maui in April. I had secretly been hoping, and becoming suspicious that he was going to pop the question when we were there. Maui was the first place we traveled to, together (only 3 months after that first date!) and it became a really special place for both of us. However, when everything began to head south with the Pandemic, Dana was the first to suggest that we cancel our trip and didn’t seem too phased by the decision.

Seeing as he didn’t seem to be upset about not going to Maui, I figured that there was really nothing in the works. But I guess I was wrong!

Bianca's Proposal in At home in our dining room

On March 18th, just days after canceling, we were enjoying a lazy day at home in our PJs. We decided to have a little at-home date and made some baked brie with crackers. We sat down in our dining room to eat while we played a casual game of crib, and there was absolutely that felt out of the ordinary (I always thought I would be able to sense that he was going to propose). After we were done, I got up and told Dana I was going to go upstairs to take a nap, but he stopped me and asked me just to stay and talk for a little. Seeing as we were both in our PJ’s, and I was still wearing what was left of my makeup from the day before, I really thought nothing of it. I sat back down, and after a sweet loving conversation, the next thing I knew he was down on his knee asking me to marry him! After jumping on him and getting some tears out, it was the happiest moment of my life to say yes!!

… A couple of days later I was going through the photos on my phone and had come across a picture that I had taken of the baked brie with the crib board. What I didn’t notice at the time, is that in the picture, you can see the outline of the ring box in his Pyjama pockets (we have a glass dining table 😂).