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How We Met

Dale and Bianca initially met at Gulf Coast high school where they had classes together and secret crushes on one another but never acted on them. In 2012, they graduated high school and never saw each other again. Until June of 2016 when Dale visited Bass Pro Shops. At the time Bianca was the team leader of the hunting department and noticed Dale as he made his way up the steps. The store was nearly empty and it seemed Dale was the only customer insight. As he looked around Bianca went back to her duties, neither acknowledged one another until suddenly there was a loud thump in the department that caused all hunting associates to turn and see that Dale had dropped a hundred round box of .40 ammo. Bianca turned away to laugh with her coworkers and when she turned back, the bullets were placed back on the shelf and Dale was gone.

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Later that evening Bianca opened her Snapchat app and realized Dale had posted a 15-second “story” with the image of the dash of his blue F-150 driving northbound on i75 with the caption “Bass Pro bound!” Bianca decided to reply to that snap with “So, you can come into my department and drop my bullets but you can’t say hi?” It took two weeks of constant messaging on Snapchat for Dale to ask Bianca for her number and to meet up outside of the digital world. They planned on a casual day at his parents’ house for the initial correspondence. As Bianca walked to her vehicle, she noticed she had a flat tire caused by a screw. As she was putting the spare on, her jack broke and Dale had to come to her rescue.

Once they were together, they didn’t want to part, they spent the next few weeks hanging out in Dale’s parent’s garage and driveway until about 4 am when they decided it was time to get a few hours of sleep before work that day. Then one day, in August 2016, Dale cleared out a cubby in his entertainment center for Bianca to keep some clothes and toiletries. Eventually, that gesture turned into Bianca convincing Dale to throw out his entertainment center and replace it with a large dresser for the two of them. After living with Dale and his family for 7 months, Bianca started looking at houses just to pass time and to get ideas for the future. To her surprise, Dale was on board with the idea of purchasing a house together. On May 10th, 2017, they moved into their Bonita Springs home. Their love for each other came fast and unexpectedly strong. Some people doubted they would last, others knew this was it.

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December 25th, 2017, Dale took Bianca to the park by their house to take couples photos for Christmas and surprised her over the imperial river by getting down on his knee and presenting her with a promise that he will love her with everything and support her through anything.

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