Bianca and Collin

Bianca's Proposal in Merchant & Trade. A rooftop bar in Charlotte, NC

How We Met

Collin and I met when we were in 1st grade at Hemby Bridge Elementary School. We lived on the same street in our Neighborhood and every year rode the same school bus to school. We were in the same class in third grade and then two years later he was my first kiss at our neighborhood’s playground. Although we lived on the same street and we’re in the same grade, we always ran in different circles. We were friendly but never hung out with the same friend groups. It wasn’t until the summer before our senior year of college that I sent Collin a DM on Instagram saying something along the lines of “Hey remember me lol. I hope you’re doing well” He responded that same day and the next thing I know we decided to meet and catch up with each other at the gym. We couldn’t stop talking and I remember feeling so comfortable around him. That same night we ended up going out for drinks as well. After that, we were inseparable.

How They Asked

Collin proposed on Super Bowl Sunday because he thought that was a day I would least expect it to happen, he was right. Me being the wannabe private investigator that I am, it’s very hard to surprise me and succeed. He went above and beyond and it was everything I’ve always dreamed of and more. Earlier that week, Collin told me his sister and her boyfriend had invited us to come to watch the Super Bowl with them in Uptown Charlotte with their friends. To me, that seemed completely normal and I had no idea that was his way of luring me to that rooftop. On February 2nd, we met his sister and her boyfriend at Merchant & Trade, a rooftop bar in Charlotte, NC.

Bianca and Collin's Engagement in Merchant & Trade. A rooftop bar in Charlotte, NC

Everything was very casual and we were all sitting around our table and got drinks before we met up with their friends for the game. It was getting to be around the time when the sun was going down and Collin’s sister Reagan suggested we take pictures before we leave since there is such a great view. We took pictures of Reagan and her boyfriend Alex first. Then when it was our turn, I handed my camera to Reagan and went over to stand next to Collin. Collin said to his sister “Reagan are you ready?”. Next thing I know he turned me towards him and started saying the sweetest things. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised and frankly, I didn’t really know what to do with my arms. I was so shocked. It was absolutely perfect and the best day of my life. We are so excited and overwhelmed with how much love and support we’ve gotten. We can’t wait to continue to share our wedding journey with everyone.

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