Bianca and Austin

How We Met

We met in school, around 8th grade. Austin (groom) had just moved to New Mexico from Texas and was friends with a mutual friends of mine. We started talking after we were both standing up in our friends quinceañera. Then before you know it I started getting IM’s on MySpace! We would talk on there a lot then it went to talking on the phone and we even watched an entire movie over the phone one night!haha. We became really good friends. However, we didn’t get together right after that. I wanna say it was about 4 or 5 years that he was in a serious relationship (we stopped talking to each other when this happened) with someone else as well was I in one too. Needless to say things didn’t work out for either one of us and we reconnected by that same friend that we had stood up in her quinceañera and it was like nothing had ever changed between us! After that we dated for about two years. He moved back to Texas and the following weekend I moved to Arizona! Still trying to figure things out and months after being stubborn I finally realized he was right and we need to be bf/gf! Before you know it, he has moved in with to Texas and now we are happily engaged and I couldn’t be any more excited! He completes me!

how they asked

It all started with trying to decide where we were going to bring in the New Year! My dad calls me and says he has the those days off and they were coming from New Mexico to come visit! My parents told me they ran into my fiancé’s mom in New Mexico (she was visiting her daughter down there) and she invited them over to celebrate the New Year. So then it was settle I was so excited we were getting to bring in the New Year with both of our families!!(we live in Texas) His sister had me meet her at a store to shop for clothes I had no idea for what I thought it was just because it was nye! Lol

Then we meet at his parents house and wait for the countdown. As soon as midnight strikes he gives me a kiss I turn to record the fireworks and when I turned back around he was down on one knee with a little blue Tiffany box asking if I would marry him?!

Our Video

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