Bianca and Armando

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how they asked

On May 3, 2016 my best friend Lisa and I had set up to go out that night for drinks and dinner after work to have a nice girls night out. We started to enjoy the first 1/2 hour with delicious cocktails and starters. My best friend Lisa has told me we were waiting for her friend Stephanie to come join us. She was constantly on her phone checking up on when Stephanie will arrive, so about 40 mins into our dinner, Lisa tells me come with me Stephanie is outside lets go get her.

So I agreed and couldn’t wait too to have Stephanie join us for dinner and drinks. As Lisa and I walked out to the front of the restaurant, I ask her “Where is Stephanie!?” I then noticed from the corner of my eyes my brother Chris standing by the side of the restaurant over looking the water view with a huge speaker next to him. I immediately thought ooook, I’ve had too many Cosmo already, “Chris what the heck are you doing here!!?” I asked. He smiled and looks away.

All I keep thinking was what is going on!? Lisa my best friend tells me to look far out across the parking lot of the restaurant and to focus on that person walking towards me. As I start to squint my eyes looking to see what it is, I hear our song “I am Lincoln” start to play very loud over the speakers of the outside of the restaurant and where my brother stood. I start to shake because I knew that was our favorite theme song and I knew that person walking down my way was Armando the love of my life!

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I then see Horses with a Cinderella carriage coming, riding right behind him!!! I started to panic and cry and shake. Every emotion was running down my body. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I couldn’t believe the man of my dreams was dressed as a Prince walking my way with the most beautiful smile on his face.

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The beautiful music kept playing behind me. I started to approach him slowly as he approached me. Shaking, crying, and smiling I asked him, “Is this real” .

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He replies, “It’s real my love and it’s all for you” He gets down on one knee and tells me how much he loves me and how happy I have made him and proceeds to ask “Will you marry me and be my forever Wife”?

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Shaking and crying I said YES!!! I was pouring in tears and shaking so badly I thought the damn alcohol has me hallucinating!

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I look at my finger and all I said was Holy S***!

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lol After it all, I turn around tell my best friend Lisa I can’t believe you set me up!!!!

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LOL The whole time what was suppose to be a girls night out turned out to be the most magical day of my life. I can say I felt like Cinderella for that day and left with my Prince Charming.

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