Bianca and Anthony

Where to Propose in Rockefeller Ice Rink - NYC

How We Met

We officially met our senior year of high school. Anthony had transferred to my school that year and we had an economics class together. The first day of class, he asked me for a pencil. I never saw him in class again that year! (His attendance record was a little spotty.) I saw him around school that year, but we never really spoke. About 6 months after graduation, my older brother and I threw a party at our house. Anthony came with a couple of mutual friends we had. I had always thought he was cute, and me being overly shy, barely spoke to him that night. We did have a small talk about a band that we both liked that was coming to town, and I told him that I would burn him a CD (do people still do that??). Anyways, I didn’t think much would come of that. Anthony ended up getting pretty wasted that night, however, when we finally kicked everyone out around 2 am, I found him sweeping my house! He said he wanted to help clean, and mushy me thought that was the sweetest thing.

A couple days after the party, I mustered up the courage to tweet him (Yes, tweet!) that I had burned that CD for him. He asked if he could come over that day to pick it, so obviously I almost threw up from nerves. We ended up spending hours talking and listening to music that day, and the rest is history!

how they asked

We had been dating for three and a half years when we found extremely cheap plane tickets and decided to take a spontaneous trip to NYC with our moms. The whole trip was planned in like two weeks. Being that it was such a short notice trip, I wasn’t expecting a proposal whatsoever. There was no way he would have had time to plan! The first night, we met up with his uncle and his family who live in NYC, and we all decided to go ice skating at the Rockefeller Center. We started skating around 5:15. By 5:45, my legs were dead and I was trying to leave. Mind you, neither of us are very good at ice skating. Anthony and both of our moms kept telling me to keep skating til 6 so our tickets didn’t go to waste, so I decided to keep skating. At 5:55, the rink girls started telling everyone to get off the ice. I was one of the first ones to head towards the exit! Anthony asked me to skate one more round and I was like “No, they’re telling everyone to get off.” Then his mom was like “Oh well, we get to skate another round since we came late.” At this point, I was pretty frustrated and was like “That’s not how that works but whatever.” We skated another round, and as I headed for the exit, one of the rink girls was like “Oh no, you guys can keep skating! It’s no problem!” I was just confused at this point and was like “That’s not really necessary.” Anthony was already tugging on my hand to go another round. I didn’t even notice my favorite song playing over the speakers! As we were skating, one of the rink girls skated in front of us and started filming us. I was so confused at this point, and everything was going over my head. Then Anthony started guiding me towards the middle of the rink to the statue and that’s when it hit me like “Oh crap, he’s gonna propose.” The minute he dropped down on one knee, I think half of NYC started cheering. I was so shocked, I started laughing. Yes, I started laughing. Of course I said yes, but the whole thing was so surreal!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rockefeller Ice Rink - NYC