Bianca and André's Stunning Proposal in Rio de Janeiro


How We Met

If there is one thing I can say about him is that he always knew what he wanted (and he proves that on the video he made to propose). We had mutual friends, and saw each other a few times but we’ve never been actually introduced. 5 years goes by, and one day I went to a burger place with some friends, he was there with a friend of his. We looked at each other a few times, with the feeling that we knew each other but we couldn’t remember exactly. He left without saying anything, but I had a feeling he would come looking for me.

A few days later, he starts a conversation on facebook, like I expected :). We started talking and at first I didn’t have any interest in him, but he knew exactly what he wanted with me. We went out a few times, and then something started to feel different inside of me, I realised I was falling in love with this guy, how he did that? All I wanted was to be just friends! Then one night he surprised me in a big way, he put our song on the radio (XO – John Mayer), then suddenly two cars stop in a red light right in front of us, and in their rear window it was written with duck tape “Will you be my girlfriend?” As you can see in this picture. I didn’t realise it was for me at first, but then his friends started to get out of the car shouting and dancing like crazy, when I recognized who they were it hit me. This is for me! I was so shocked I froze for a second, so he asked and I said: Of course! At that moment I knew he was different from any other man I’ve met. That was the first of many surprises he made me during our relationship.


how they asked

On March 19th 2016, after 1 year and 4 months together, we went to Rio de Janeiro for the weekend to see a concert. But little did I know that the weekend was going to be much more than that. With the help of friends and his sister, he set up the perfect cenario: we decided to spend the day in a beach and then go watch the sunset on top of a hill near the beach. I had no idea what was coming because he made sure that everything looked like it was planned by his friends and not him. But when we reach the top of the hill, he sat me down and showed me a video. THE video.




In the video he had made a journal of our relationship, where he recorded a little message describing what happened that day, since our very first date and several other important dates in our relationship. I was crying and shaking at the end of the video, so he asked me to stand and he got down on one knee and said the words every woman dreams of hearing: “Will you marry me?”. I said yes and once again threw myself into the most confortable place in the world, his arms.

All of that was capture by the lenses of our friend and very talented photographer, Gabriel Telles. Allowing that moment that I won’t ever forget to be shared with everyone.

That was the day we decided to write the rest of our lifes together. Who knew it all happened because one day I wanted a burger?!





















Our Video


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Special Thanks

Gabriel Telles