Bianca and Alexis

How We Met: Alexis and I locked eyes during Mass one Sunday morning. He was serving in the Mass as an altar boy, and I was standing on the third pew. I was 17, he was 19. I instantly was intrigued by this guy, for two reasons. 1. He had a hilarious sense of style. 2. He always looked at me, intensely. After a few conversations on social media, I got the courage to ask him to my winter formal. He accepted, we went, and kissed for the first time. Truly a magical moment, as cliché as that may sound. Since then, together ever since.

Image 1 of Bianca and Alexis

how they asked: I had many requirements to when It was my turn to become engaged. I wanted to look nice, have it be recorded, and have it be in an intimate setting- no family or friends around. My biggest requirement to look and feel beautiful. My expectations failed me, but something greater was about to happen.

Alexis plans a date, and arranges to pick me up at 3:40 am. I am not a morning person. I set my alarm at 2:00 am yet wake up at 310! I only had time to brush my teeth, put on a trench coat, and wear my old scuffed boots. We drive an hour, to my surprise, to the place I was getting engaged! I see a huge hot air balloon, and right away started shaking. We enjoyed our ride, took many pictures and I even conquered my fear of heights!

I then think, “this will be a perfect proposal” and boom, Alexis starts his speech. I am whispering to him, “stop, omg, omg, really, is this really happening”, while he is talking.

He gets down on one knee, and a beautiful ring blinds me! Instant love!

I woke up late, barely had any make up on, a hair braid, oh and let me mention, no deodorant, yet it was absolutely perfect. My requirements weren’t all met; however, when expectations are set…. the most beautiful, genuine, and raw things are happening right in front of me. I am so very thankful that something REAL happened instead. I wouldn’t have it any other way.