Beverly and Ryan

How We Met

As told by Beverly: We met in San Francisco in 2013 at a software company. Ryan and I were both on the same team at work and instantly became friends. I was attracted to his confidence, sense of humor, and selfless personality and admired him from the day we met. We went on our first date in early 2014 and the rest is history! Plus, the man proposed to be in 10 degree weather in my hometown of Rochester, MN, so if that doesn’t say “true love,” then I’m not sure what does!

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how they asked

Told by Ryan: was December 22nd and I had just opened my eyes to another cold winter day in Minnesota. However, this wasn’t just any other day. It was a day when I was about to make the biggest decision I have ever made in 25 years (aside from whether to put pants on of course). I was proposing to the love of my life, Beverly. I, of course was more nervous than I have ever been and seemed to sweat through every shirt I had put on (good thing I packed a lot of shirts).

The plan was in motion as my soon to be mother-in-law told Bev that we were going out to grab drinks to celebrate our arrival (we were not). At approximately 5:45 P.M., the Lehman home was completely silent when suddenly we all heard a loud “Ding Ding” ring from out front. Beverly stepped outside and, with a huge smile, soon realized that I bought out a trolley decorated to the nines with Christmas lights; it was taking us around Rochester on a private Christmas lights tour. Of course, this tour would not be complete without a nice bottle of wine.

Okay everyone, at this point in my head I am thinking I’ve been found out; she knows or at least I thought she knew the proposal was happening. Later, I asked if she knew and she said, “Well, your hand left an imprint on my leg.” Yes, I was sweating like I ran 10 miles, eaten a bucket of atomic spicy wings topped with Sriracha. No idea why anyone would put that combination together, but this is my story so just roll with it.

After an amazing tour of the lights, the trolley was seconds away from dropping us off in downtown Rochester for the big moment. Now, what I set up was the following: hired photographers to stage a fake photo shoot so when Beverly and I arrived we could go up, ask them for assistance in taking a photo of us and then at that moment I would get down on one knee and propose. That is exactly what transpired, except as I got down on one knee, I looked up and not only saw the most beautiful girl on the planet standing over me, but my best friend, my soulmate and my entire future staring deep into my eyes. As tears began to fall (yes, men cry too), I proposed and the rest is history.

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I love you more than I have ever have and being engaged to you is the greatest feeling in the world.

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