Beverly and Craig

How We Met: Craig and I met his freshman year and my junior year at Christopher Newport University. It was late November in 2006 that we both attended an Intervarsity conference. At this conference, a mutual friend of ours introduced us. Christopher Newport University is a school that if you don’t know someone, you at least recognize them from being on campus. It happened that I had never seen Craig and was quite struck by a) his good looks and b) his confidence. I never asked him that weekend what year he was because he looked to be older. However, once I got home and did my “research” on him on Facebook, I soon realized he was a FRESHMAN!!

Being a junior, I quickly became prideful and said to myself, “That’s sweet. Too bad he is younger. I’ll never talk to him again.”

As the days passed, our circle of friends in college became the same ones. The more I hung out with Craig, the more I prayed for him, and the more I felt for him.

After years of praying for Craig and our relationship, Craig took the step of faith to ask me to be his wife. It is a day that I will always cherish because our proposal revealed to me the Lord’s faithfulness to us in a powerful way. I had faith that this day was coming for Craig and I. Never did I know when, but I knew it was coming, and the Lord faithfully put scripture on my heart on patience to mediate on as I waited.

Proposal StoryProposal

how they asked: It was Easter weekend of 2010 that I came home to visit Craig. Craig and I had been doing the long distance relationship thing for the past year so our visits were always so special. We talked about taking each other to a place from our childhood that was special to us. Maybe I’ve seen to many Bachelor shows? Ha! We started out at this po-dunk hamburger joint that my father would take me after my soccer and basketball games. After lunch, Craig took me to a park where his parents would take him and his brother during their childhood. We walked around and I got to hear stories about Craig and his brother, Scott. Craig started to slow down and got really serious on me.

That past summer Craig had interned at Saranac Village a Young Life camp and through separation my prayer life became stronger than ever. At this point in our relationship, Craig and I never had told each other we loved each other. It was something that we both talked about before dating that we didn’t way to say unless we knew we would be marrying each other. While Craig was at camp for that summer, the Lord laid it on my heart to write Craig a letter to express to him that I did love him. It was through this letter that the Lord reminded me how he speaks to us with his love. The bible is filled with love letters to us. I gave this letter to Craig when our relationship hit rock bottom when he got back from camp. We held on, and never did talk about the letter until this day.

Craig began his proposal by reminding me of the letter and then for the first time told me he loved me. My heart filled with joy as I smiled and told him back that I loved him too. He got down on one knee and shared with me how much he loved me, respected me, and cared for me. His smile beamed as his eyes looked deep into my eyes and he asked me to be his wife. He put the beautiful ring on my finger and I began to scream!! My spirit was overflowing with joy because one of the Lord’s promises unfolded before me. Praise Jesus! Craig and I talked about how excited we were as we said I LOVE YOU every five seconds to each other!!!

Photography by the talented Virginia and Destination Wedding Photographer Katelyn James.