Betzy and Danny

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How We Met

I think it’s a pretty funny story for me. I remember that it was in October. I went out with my dental friends for some drinks and, honestly, got a little bored. So I took an Uber to downtown Phoenix by myself, walked into a club, and just took in the scene as I watched everyone danced. Danny (a stager back then) approached me asking the special line, “why are you alone?” I told him that my friends are in the restroom, a bold lie of course. He never really bothered me, but after realizing that I was still alone, he asked me to just dance. I took him up on his offer and was pleasantly surprised because HE CAN DANCE! From there, we met up just to dance and have a good time. After a while, our dance nights became date nights.

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Danny has always been so supportive. He never pushes me to do anything I didn’t want to do. He helped me open up, explored the world more, and truly brought so much fun into my life. He’s caring and a great listener. I can talk to him all day long about my crazy work days, so patient and listen even though he doesn’t understand all the medical terminology haha. He means so much to me and truly, in my eyes, the best.

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How They Asked

I’ve always wanted to visit Portland Oregon since Danny would visit at least once a year. He planned this trip earlier this year. He has a cousin, Rithy, in Portland that’s a wedding photographer and told me that she needed content since this year has been hard for wedding and event vendors. I was happy to help and be her model while I was there. Little did I know that he planned this surprising proposal for me.

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The proposal happened on Friday morning. We all got dressed and dolled up ready to pose. It was a chilly day, but when we arrived at the location, it warmed us all up. Rithy and her florist friend, Katherine from Blue Floral Company styled a breathtaking circle floral installation that overlooked a beautiful lake. I was given posing advice and a lovely vibrant bouquet for the shoot. Rithy posed me first and then coupled me up with Danny. She directed us to multiple poses and finally situated Danny behind me. As she directed me to look back at him, I slowly turned around and found him on his knees. At first, I thought this was part of the shoot. Then I thought he was joking given the jokester that he is. It took me a little while to realize that it was real! Seeing him on his knees, realizing that all this was for me, I was overjoyed.

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Danny shared with his cousin, Rithy, that he wanted to ask me for a while. The final decision came when his grandmother gave him her blessing while on her death bed. Grandma was a touching, wonderful, and loving woman that meant the world to her grandchildren. Her blessing gave Danny everything. He incorporated her into the proposal by incorporating the garden flowers, calla lilies, and her favorite and treasured scarf. It was the sweetest sentiment. This day is definitely a day I will never forget and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

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