Betul and Nedim

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How We Met

Nedim and I have a mutual best friend. She has been wanting us to meet for a very long time but always struggled to arrange a time when he and I were both free. When she was getting married, she made us both sit on the friend’s table next to one another so I could converse with him. After their wedding, she has been trying to organize coffee catch-ups for both of us to meet again.

She was finally successful after a year of multiple attempts and from then onwards Nedim and I have been talking. We met up a couple of times and it just grew from there. Our bond became stronger and my feelings towards him grew. Now I have the most amazing, caring, and loving fiancé whom my love for him is endless!

How They Asked

Nedim has planned a weekend away filled with lots of activities prior to proposing to me. I normally work on Saturday’s and Nedim has got in contact a month prior with my manager to take leave on behalf of myself. Thus, the morning of the well planned weekend, I was getting ready for work and as I am about to leave, my boyfriend pulls up into the driveway and tells me to get changed and planned my outfit for the day and he packed my bags the night before whilst I was working. I was very confused and asked about work and he said he had it all sorted.

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Our first stop was to Sunny Ridge which is a strawberry farm and we had breakfast followed with strawberry picking. The weather was warming up and Nedim’s smile was just blossoming. I was still very clueless about what we were doing and kept questioning, but he had an answer to everything. After strawberry picking, we made our way to Arthurs Seat and went on the Eagle and enjoyed the beautiful weather and see the city skyline as well as the wonderful ocean.

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On the eagle, Nedim dropped to one knee and I jumped and was in shock, and Nedim laughed and said I am “only tying my shoelace”. No words could describe how I felt after that had happened, my heart was racing. After the Eagle, we walked around a bit and then made our way back to the car to travel to our 3rd destination. Once we have arrived, Nedim pulls out a blindfold and said you have to were this now. My heart started racing again.

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Mind you, I don’t like surprises, so it was very challenging for me to not be annoying and constantly ask questions. I put the blindfold on, and he held my hand and guided me to wherever we were going. Of course, I was being dramatic and making statements like I am going to fall, I feel sick, I have sand in my shoes, etc. The closer we got to where we needed to be, I started to hear music instead of the waves and at that point, I just became quiet because I knew what was about to happen. Once he let go of my hand, he told me to take the blindfold off and the first thing I saw was the carpet we were both on.

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I refused to look at Nedim first, I looked to my right there was this amazing set-up, I look to my left I see a photographer and finally, I looked at Nedim, he was on one knee and I just started crying. His eyes were filled with tears and asked the question. I couldn’t speak. I was so overwhelmed, so happy, and very emotional. After a good pause, I was able to get a few words out of my mouth and said, of course, I will. After putting the ring on my finger, he got up and I gave him the biggest hug and couldn’t let go! It was the most amazing moment of my life. After I came back to reality, I realized the photographer was still there. She was so amazing at what she was doing. We took a handful of professional photos and whilst taking photos I asked why here, and he said it was the first time you held my hand.

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Everything he had arranged was so perfect and the set-up was amazing. We enjoyed our couple of hours absorbing the sun and processing everything that had just happened. There was a grazing box made for us to snack on as well as delicious strawberries accompanied by the chocolate fudge dipping sauce. There was also one of my favorite bottles of wine which was brown brother’s sparkling Moscato for us to drink.

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Everything was so perfect; no words are able to describe the 1001 emotions that I felt at the moment. I literally wanted to hug my proposal co for creating this incredible proposal!

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