Bettina and Levent

Proposal Ideas Tre Cime di Lavaredo Dolomites

How We Met

The first time I saw my future husband? Four years ago on my smartphone screen. Levent and I met on a dating app. Oh yes, there are definitely more romantic places to fall in love. Maybe that‘s why we decided to set up a date after only a few messages back and forth. It was a Sunday afternoon when he suggested having a cup of coffee together at a cozy café called “Hungry Heart” in Munich/Germany, where we both live.

It was a Tuesday when our eyes met for the first time. He was waiting in front of the café and looked at me with this lovely smile, while I was standing on the underground escalator on my way up to him fascinated by his big brown eyes. Two cappuccinos and three hours later we said goodbye… and continued our conversation in the evening via messenger. Since this day not a single day goes by without giving or sending each other kisses in the morning and in the evening. Cheers to social media! Cheers to us!

how they asked

We both love to spend time in nature, especially in the mountains. When we planned our hiking trip to South Tyrol, Levent always talked about this one special cave in the Dolomites. As a professional photographer, he loves to explore new spots when we are in nature. He told me that we could do some lovely couple pictures in the cave and enjoy the view of the mountains called “Tre Cime“.

After hiking and climbing two or three hours we found the beautiful spot. Levent set up his tripod and installed the self-timer in the cave while I was standing with my back to him totally in love with the view. Suddenly he said that everything is ready for the photo and stood behind me. I turned around and there he was on his knees. With this beautiful ring. In this beautiful ring box. With this beautiful smile. I was totally surprised, confused and trembled. I couldn‘t say anything in the first moment. The day after the proposal he told me that he asked three times if I want to become his wife. But of course, I said yes. Yes to you and me. Yes to forever.