Betsy and Bernard


Have you ever wondered what happens when two photographers get engaged?

My fiancé, Bernard, and I are both fulltime professional photographers. We met several years ago when I was lecturing on photography at one of the local schools. He started working with me occasionally as an assistant photographer, and after many years passed, we realized how perfect we were together. We compliment each other in all the best places.

He asked me to marry him during the spur of the moment one weekend when we were camping at Ginnie Springs, just outside of Gainesville, Florida. He didn’t have a plan. In fact, he didn’t even have a ring because he didn’t think he was going to propose that weekend. After dark on the first night, when the campfire was lit and we were relaxing, the moment presented itself.


Being the passionate photographer that I am, I wanted to create some light painting shots, just for fun. Bernard volunteered to be the “painter”, so I manned the camera. About 5 shots in, I realized that he was writing, “Marry Me” on the fabric of the tent with the flashlight.


I couldn’t have been more surprised! You would have thought Bernard was the one to suggest doing light painting shots, but it was my idea. He just created the perfect opportunity with it!

I told him I wanted to try a different shot, so he took the camera, and I took the flashlight. I didn’t tell him what I was doing, but I wrote the word “Yes” in the air. He didn’t figure it out until he saw the shot on the back of the camera. We followed up with another fun shot of us together.

He then fashioned a ring out of dried grass and said it was temporary.  It was very exciting and the perfect proposal!


We woke in the morning to find beautiful light streaming through the trees. The smoke from our morning campfire hugged the air above us and reflected the angelic light. It was stunningly beautiful and what I would like to think of as a symbol of our future.