Bethany and Sterling's Private Trail Proposal

How We Met: Sterling met Bethany in January, 2013. He went to watch his friends perform in a band. Bethany also knew the lead singer. Sterling was about to leave around 11pm, but then an old high school friend, Tiffany, recognized him. They started talking when her friend Bethany came over to join the conversation. Sterling was so attracted to Bethany right away. He stayed and talked with Bethany until 1:30am. They’ve talked everyday since then!!


how they asked: When the time came to ask her dad for her hand, he said he didn’t know Sterling well enough to say yes. So Sterling patiently waited for months for Bethany’s dad to feel right about giving Sterling his blessing. About five months later, he called Sterling and told him that he could propose to Bethany! That’s when the wheels started turning. Bethany knew that her dad gave Sterling his blessing, so she was waiting for the proposal. Nevertheless, Sterling still pulled off the best surprise proposal ever! He had his friend, Emily, make a Facebook event for a “surprise announcement brunch” and invited Sterling and Bethany along with Emily’s close friends and family. The focus was to be all about Emily. Keep in mind that there was no real brunch. No one was there except for Rebecca, Renee, and Crystal…the photographer, the setting designer, and the florist. That morning, Sterling met with those ladies at Rancho Capistrano (where the brunch was supposed to be) to set up the proposal site. The three ladies prayed for Sterling before he left to pick up Bethany. Sterling picked Bethany up, and they drove back down to Rancho Capistrano. Bethany had no clue what was about to happen.

As they were walking along a trail to the brunch, they noticed this beautiful setting.That’s when Sterling’s hand started shaking. The first thing that came to Bethany’s mind was, “we need to get him some food quickly.” Sterling wanted to go up and check out this gorgeous arrangement, but Bethany was hesitant because she didn’t want to ruin someone else’s things. Sterling picked up a Bible that was on a chair. Bethany came up to be with him, because she realized this was a special moment that they could share.




After reading a passage he had prepared to read, he told Bethany that he loved her with all his heart and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Her response… “Ok. We’re going to be late to the brunch.” His plan worked a little too well! He asked her if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She said yes. He reached around and picked up the ring box that was hiding near the Bible. He got down on one knee and said, “Then will you please marry me?” She was surprised, excited, crying, laughing, and holding him so tightly. She said yes! He told her there’s no brunch and that they have the whole day together. After spending some special moments together, Sterling took Bethany shopping for a new outfit to wear to Disneyland later that day. After a couple hours at Disneyland, Sterling took Bethany to Newport Harbor to take her on a boat around the harbor. When they walked down the dock to the boat, ten friends of theirs were waiting in the boat with wine and hors d’oeuvres. It was a total surprise for Bethany. The entire day went perfectly and was fun and beautiful the whole time.













Planning by Poshitively Perfect Events
Photography by Rebecca Thacher Photography
Flowers by Studio C Florals