Bethany and Tyler

how they asked

We were standing in line to get pictures done in front of the castle and this huge family in-front of us was taking forever, getting individual shots, silly pictures, couples pictures etc. The last couple to get their pictures done, the boyfriend knelt down and proposed right in-front of Tyler and I. And I thought to myself “oh my goodness how cute” then it was our turn to get our pictures taken. We went up and Tyler told the photographer to take some on my phone first before the big professional camera, when the photographer was done with my phone he reached for his camera and then Tyler knelt down and I couldn’t believe it!

Image 1 of Bethany and Tyler

Image 2 of Bethany and Tyler

Especially since we just witnessed someone else propose seconds before! They don’t call it the happiest place on earth for nothing!

Image 3 of Bethany and Tyler