Bethany and Troy

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How We Met

I first met Troy in high school, but we never exchanged words with each other very much. I remember having a psychology class with him and to this day he tells me- “I would always go to the crayon box when you would go because I thought you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen!” How sweet is he- and why didn’t he tell me sooner!? Little did we both know that God had great plans for the both of us and boy I’m glad He did!

how they asked

What was supposed to be an evening of graduation pictures turned into the man of my dreams asking me to spend forever with him! It was such a surprise to me because we had always talked about it being after I graduated but I’m so happy he chose to do it sooner! As I was taking one of my last pictures before changing into my scrubs, He asks “wait, can we take one more picture that we can hold on to forever?” At that moment- my heart dropped because I knew what was about to happen and the tears started flowing! He got down on one knee and I don’t even remember what he was telling me before he asked me because I was filled with so much joy! This man fills my heart with so much happiness and I just can’t wait to see what God has planned for us!

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Special Thanks

Rebekah Holderman
 | Photographer