Bethany and Thomas

Image 1 of Bethany and Thomas

How We Met

Him: It was the cutest story. I wasn’t looking for love, and I was in the middle of transferring schools when I stumbled upon her Instagram, and it said she was from the school I was transferring to. So me being curious to talk to this cute girl, I began asking her about school and that quickly transitioned into other subjects, and that was that. Then later, I was working at Hyvee, and this girl was talking animated with her hands, and she smacked me in the face on accident. And it was the SAME GIRL from Instagram. My heart went aflutter. I knew it was meant to be. Later, she apologized over Instagram, we got to talking, and the rest is history!

Her: You could say it was a meet-cute. Thomas caught my eye in his Hyvee uniform, while I was fundraising there at Hyvee with my local church. While talking animatedly, I accidentally slapped Thomas in the face as he was walking by. Thomas was kind enough to say sorry over Instagram direct message, even though it was not his fault! We got to talking over a message about everything we liked and loved and fell in love soon after when he moved to my school and we started hanging out every second we could!

How They Asked

Thomas got my whole family in on it. They were visiting us in Colorado from my home state for my birthday. We had a fun week, doing what I enjoyed, leading up to my birthday. On my birthday, my sister, who lives in a different state than my family, surprised me at our Airbnb. I was so surprised by my sister and focused on my birthday, that I didn’t see the proposal coming. After dinner, we took a short hike up to my favorite lookout in the mountains, and Thomas got down on one knee right there!

Image 3 of Bethany and Thomas

He was too nervous to realize the ring box opened upside down, which was my favorite part of the proposal because we got to giggle and fix it before hugging after I said yes. My family got it on camera, video and also had the future in-laws on Facetime because Thomas had told everyone. It was the perfect birthday present!

Image 2 of Bethany and Thomas