Bethany and Mathew

Bethany's Proposal in Dow Gardens, Midland, MI

Mathew and I starting dating when we went to different high schools. He was a school year ahead of me, so he went off to college first. After visiting him during his freshman year, I fell in love with the college and I decided to also attend there. For the three years we went to college together before he graduated, we would travel to Midland, MI and visit Dow Gardens. It is a beautiful place to walk around, look at sculptures and fountains, and just relax from the hectic world of college. It was always our place to get away and clear our minds.

Mathew’s sister’s fiance (Ty) does photography in his spare time. The plan (or so I thought) was to go to Dow Gardens so Ty could take some pictures of the gorgeous landscaping at Dow Gardens. We walked around the entire place on a very hot 90 degree day so he could take pictures. I “convinced” Mathew to have Ty take some pictures of us. We came up to my favorite spot in the whole place and said I wanted a picture taken of us there. Before we got ready to take the picture, Mathew told his sister to come fix my hair. What was really going on, was she handed Mathew her purse to “fix my hair”, when in reality, he grabbed the ring out of her purse. We took the picture and as I started walking away, he stopped me and got down on one knee! That location and the planning that went behind it was so meaningful to me. That was our favorite place in college and now I have this memory forever there. It was absolutely perfect.

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