Bethany and Luke

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How We Met

My sisters and I grew up with my cousins in Greenwood, Delaware. I remember going to see my cousins at least every year to every other year. One day my older sister and I went to go have lunch with my cousins when they were at school. This school was super small so everyone knew everyone. All the sudden I saw Luke, I was seriously taken back. I was honestly speechless when I saw him at the lunch table. I didn’t think anything of it because I lived in Colorado. I knew there was probably no way I would ever be with him because of the distance. So then I saw him at my cousin’s graduation a few years later.. Again I had butterflies as soon as I saw him. I kept telling myself you live in Colorado and there is no way it would work. We have always followed each other on social media and would like each others stuff here and there. Five years later we rekindled on Instagram. He used the excuse of he was looking for a vacation spot and has always wanted to come to Colorado. He was asking me for some great hiking spots and where he should go. From there it was history!

A couple months later, he was finally able to come out to Colorado. I was extremely nervous to finally see him. I called my best friend Kailey freaking out, talking about how nervous I was. She of course calmed me down and reminded me everything was going to be okay. He finally walked up those stairs and my stomach dropped. I had the same feeling I have always had when I saw him. We had an amazing trip while he was here. By far my favorite moment was when I knew I loved him. We walked around Downtown Denver, then found ourselves in the Union Station. The atmosphere was incredible, it was modern yet had history. We were standing in line for a drink at the Terminal Bar. In that moment, with my arms around him, in a breathtaking place, I knew I loved this man.

We went back and fourth visiting each other from Colorado to Washington DC. Leaving him to go back home was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and I knew I needed him in my life forever. We planned a trip for my birthday to Maine, but we had to make sure he was able to get leave with the Army. The Army approved his leave so the planning had begun!!

how they asked

For months we talked about going to Bar Harbor, Maine. Luke had visited many times before but wanted to show me his favorite place and I was beyond excited! September 2nd rolled around and I flew to Philly. We then took a 10 hour road trip to Maine and got in the next day. I was speechless when we got into Bar Harbor, it was absolutely gorgeous. When we walked into our hotel room I couldn’t believe my eyes. The balcony faced the harbor with the most stunning views I have seen. The atmosphere was unbelievable, I fell in love with this amazing place.

We had couples massages booked on this rainy afternoon. We walked to our appointment in the rain, we laughed and were loving every minute of this trip. After our massages we walked to a cute restaurant called Side Street Cafe, it was such a cozy relaxed place. We talked about our plans for sunrise and Luke was telling me I needed to be up at 4:30 am (I’m not a morning person at all) but I agreed and was very excited about it.

The next morning was my birthday, Luke woke me up with coffee and was the sweetest man ever. We drove to Otter Cliff in Acadia National Park to watch the sunrise.

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On our way it was rainy and then it all the sudden stopped as soon as we parked. Luke set us up with mimosas, cozy blankets, and these cute glasses that said Hello Handsome and Hello Beautiful.

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The sunrise was fantastic, literally breathtaking. He was super shaky while pouring the mimosas but I thought maybe he was just hungry!

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He went back to the car to get our polaroid camera.. (little did I know he was going to grab a ring and the photographer).

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A little later I saw a photographer but Luke had said there was probably going to be photographers around so I thought nothing of it.

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He wanted to take a photo of me with the water and sunrise. As I turn around he had a Tiffany & Co. box, he then asked me to help him open the box and untie the bow.

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In my mind I was like there is no way, maybe it’s earrings. Luke gets on his knee and asked me to marry him.. Of course I said YES, and it turned into the best day of my life.

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As we were hugging I hear pictures snapping left and right. Luke then tells me, that photographer is here for you (talk about emotional!!). We continued to take photos and celebrate. A few guys came across us and were extremely excited, of course asked to take photos/selfies with us and to take a drone shot!! We finished up our pictures by the ocean and then continued on to explore Acadia National Park and enjoy our amazing vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine.

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Special Thanks

Rogier van Bakel
 | Photographer
Chelsea Borders
 | Planning