Bethany and Kyle

Image 1 of Bethany and KyleHow We Met: Kyle and I met when we were just 14 and 16 years old. I was a link crew leader (freshmen mentor) and Kyle happened to be on one my freshmen. Before the first day of school we had to call each freshmen and tell them how the day would go, Kyle was my responsibility to call. I remember hanging up the phone and thinking “he sounded cute” and when I saw him that first day I knew I had been right. I was the one to make the first move. I knew he was a snowboarder so I made up a story that I was applying for a job at a retail store that wanted me to have snowboarding knowledge. I snagged that cutie’s phone number and he never knew it was a lie until years later.

how they asked: Because we met so young, no one thought we would last especially since I was two years older and decided to go to school in Las Vegas. However, after six years together, four of which were long distance (He went to Minnesota for school), we finally took the next step in our relationship. He proposed in December on the High Roller observation wheel in Las Vegas in front of both our families. Now the high school sweethearts no one thought would last are not only engaged but about to buy their first house together.

Image 2 of Bethany and Kyle