Bethany and Kenneth

how we met

Kenneth and I were both attending the University of Illinois at the time but our paths had never crossed. I was in a small group with Kenneth’s cousin, and after he and I both swore off dating for our senior year, she somehow convinced the both of us that we should meet. She passed my number along and we started texting. It wasn’t exactly a fairy tale from the beginning…I could not stand him! It was a week of giving my best effort to make it work, but I finally told her I was giving up on it. She convinced me to text him one more time and see if the conversation was different – if it was, she would accept defeat. That night, he and I ended up texting until nearly 3 am! We were bonding over our out love of gifs and our excitement that Leo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. He asked me to go to dinner with him the following night and I accepted. As soon as I saw him standing at my front door, I knew he was going to be someone special. Our first date was February 29th, 2016 (Leap Day!) and we’ve been together ever since! His favorite joke is that he’s excited for our one year anniversary, February 29, 2020.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Concert

Bethany's Proposal in Concert

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Concert

how they asked

In the first couple months of our relationship, Kenneth sent me a music video called “Perfect” by Mitch Rossell. It was one of those songs that made it very clear he was pretty seriously into me. Almost a year later, we road tripped to Ohio to see Garth Brooks in concert. As it turned out, Mitch Rossell was the opening act! We had the opportunity to meet him after the show and told him that his song meant a lot to us and our relationship. We made a joke that he should sing at our wedding one day, which was followed by whispers between Kenneth and Mitch.

Four months later, I was surprised with fourth row tickets to Garth Brooks that Kenneth said he won on the radio. We happily sang along to Mitch’s songs, until he started to play “Any Girl.” In an extremely uncharacteristic move, Kenneth pulled me out of our row and asked me to dance with him as Mitch played. About three quarters through the song, Kenneth got down on one knee and asked me to marry him (used my full name and everything!). Of course, I ugly cried and uttered a “yes” before realizing 30,000 people were watching me! Just when I thought there couldn’t be any more surprises, Kenneth turned me around and my whole family was there to see it in person! As it turns out, Kenneth had been scheming with Mitch for months to make this plan come to fruition. His proposal could not have honored our relationship more. Now we just have to convince Mitch to come play at our wedding – he’s been a part of our journey from the beginning!

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