Bethany and Keenan

How We Met

We met 6 years ago in a packed train station in Yokohama, Japan. I was coming home from a terrible date and Keenan was coming home from a night out with his Navy buddies. I had rushed to make the last train out that night, like many others, so the station was pretty full. As I was climbing the stairs to the train platform, I could hear Keenan and his friends laughing and having a great time. It was really late and I wasn’t in the mood for anything but to get home and go to bed. However, Keenan saw me and immediately had other plans. I stood in the back of the platform and tried to be invisible. They were taking pictures and joking around with the locals when Keenan came up and they all crowded around me to take an uninvited photo. He used that as his way of breaking the ice and much to my chagrin began to try to talk to me. The train finally arrived, and Keenan spent the entire 45-minute train ride home trying to get to know me as I politely tried to let him know I just wasn’t interested.

After I finally managed to convince him I was fine to walk home in the dark on my own, we went our separate ways. As soon as I had walked away he told his best friend that he was going to marry me someday. Somehow, he had decided this even though I had turned down all of his invitations for a date and he had spent most of the train ride just trying to guess my first name. Keenan was a man on a mission, though, and spent the next 3 days asking around and searching for me. He finally found my Facebook profile and messaged me asking for a lunch date as an “apology” for bothering me that night on the train. I continued to neither accept nor reject his offer, so he finally told me that he would be at a local restaurant at 11:00 am the next day and would give me until 11:15 am to show. I made him sweat a little bit but, I showed up at 11:14 :). We had an amazing 4-hour lunch date spending the entire time talking and hardly touched our meals, and we have been together ever since. Who would have thought that an annoying American in a Japanese train station would be the guy I would fall in love with? But here we are and we are so excited to begin our next adventure in marriage.

how they asked

Keenan attempted to propose 3 separate times. The first plan, he had worked on for months with our best friends and the managers at a movie theater we spent many date nights at when living in Kansas City. We were flying out to KC to visit our best friends for their wedding and Keenan had everything set up to propose to me that night at the movie theater. He had gotten tickets to a premier show and had asked for the manager to fake a contest where I would be called to the stage for my prize. During this time, he would happen to “be in the bathroom” and then walk up toward the stage asking why I was up there. At that moment Will You Mary Me would have popped up on the screen behind me and the proposal would have begun.

However, our flight was delayed for 6 hours at our layover in Dallas. Keenan tried to hide his dismay about the delay and was on his phone frantically trying to let everyone know that it would not be happening that night. I, unaware of the plan, wondered why he was so upset; we were just missing a movie! Later that weekend, at our best friend’s wedding, I happened to catch the bouquet. As we were already planning on getting engaged, he tried to be polite and stood near the back of the group for the garter belt throw in an attempt to let the other men get their chance. Instead, the belt made a b line for him through the crowd and he just managed to stop it from hitting him in the

My best friend, who was also the bride, Renee, suggested that Keenan propose then and there as he already had the ring on him. However, he didn’t want to take away from their day so decided against proposal #2. Back to the drawing board for proposal #3…A week later, back home in New Mexico, I came home from work one evening to find Keenan putting his shoes on. He told me that our friends were driving around up in the mountains and their truck had broken down. He said that we needed to go pick them up. Unbeknownst to me, Keenan had spent the day prior stringing lights and setting up his final attempt.

We drove up there, not to find our friends but instead a gorgeous gazebo all lit up and a hand-built tree swing (I love to swing). He had recreated our first Valentine’s day. I got out of the truck and he got down on one knee, he told me that he was pretty sure I was made for him and asked if I would spend the rest of my life re-watching all of the James Bond movies with him (an inside joke). I could barely contain my eager “Yes!” until his speech was over. Proposal #3 was a success! I definitely think he saved the best plan for last.

Special Thanks

Ava Moore Photography