Bethany and Josh

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How We Met

The way Josh and I met is actually a very funny story. It was freshman year of high school and all my girlfriends were talking about this cute boy from their class. It was starting to get annoying because all my friends would talk about was Josh, and how he was basically the greatest person that they thought had ever existed.

Then one day my friends pointed him out to me… and let me just say, I had way higher expectations. Standing at a 5’4 (I was 5’7) with his bleach blonde Justin Bieber hair, I was not impressed. Never would I date a guy like that, and I was even more annoyed when people brought him up.

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Fast forward to sophomore year math class. Josh walks into the room and let’s just say he was a totally different person. Now 6 foot, and a new haircut, he caught my interest. We sat near eachother, slowly over time we started chatting, and before we knew it, we were best friends. We obviously had a crush on each other, but neither of us would admit it. The Sadie Hawkins dance was coming up so I decided to ask Josh to go, JUST AS FRIENDS. I made that very clear. But, we had so much fun, and shortly after we started dating. It has been the best 8 years of my life since.

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How They Asked

It was no surprise that after 8 years we wanted to get married. We started talking about ring styles I liked, trying to find the perfect jeweler with the perfect ring. I knew it was coming in the year 2021, I just didn’t know when or how he would do it. I didn’t even know when he planned to purchase it. But, we had a huge trip to Maui planned with all our close friends and I had this gut feeling he might do it then.

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That is until he sat me down and had a very serious conversation with me that it was definitely not going to happen in Hawaii. He told me didn’t have the money, and there was no way he was going to be able to purchase it in time to do it by then. He wanted me to know so I wasn’t disappointed when it didn’t happen. And because he was so serious, I totally believed him!!

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Rewind a little bit, and I had already made plans with my friend Dani to do a photoshoot while we were there, totally unrelated to my proposal suspicions. She is a wedding photographer and we both just wanted some cute photos done.

Meanwhile, Josh was texting everyone planning to propose during the photoshoot! He met up with all the friends, trying to come up with the perfect way to do it so I wouldn’t catch on.

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So they decided, Josh was going to get iced and instead of going down on one knee to drink the ice, he pops the question! For those that don’t know, getting iced is when someone hides a Smirnoff ice and if you are the person who finds it, you have to get on one knee and chug the entire bottle. This game is constantly going on with our friend group. So, they came up with this whole scheme to make sure Josh got iced! From starting the game from the minute we arrived, down to making sure Dani was the one who got iced the day off so she could get Josh, they thought it all through. While we were getting ready Dani hid the ice in the bag we were taking with us to the shoot. She showed me it “warning me” that there was going to be ice in the bag and not to go in it! She told me she was going to get Josh, and of course, I was all for it! Little did I know, my ring was also in that bag. We get to the beach and start shooting, I excited to see Josh get iced.

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Finally, she signals for Josh to get something out of the bag. I get excited as he reaches inside, ready for him to pull out that ice and rub it in his face that he has to drink. He turns as he gets on one knee.

“You’re my best friend”

Me thinking, I know! Now drink up!

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And then, out comes the ring. I’m speechless, I’m trying to process if this is really happening! My pure surprise turns into pure joy, as I say “YES!” and he slides the ring on my finger. A huge smile on both our faces. Our friends there documenting the whole thing so I can remember it forever, while we were in paradise. It was perfect.

So in a way, I guess you could say we both got “iced”

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Special Thanks

DaniRae Dunn
 | Photographer