Bethany and Joel

how we met

We went to high school together and this is where we met for the first time. I was four years younger than Joel. After 6 years of high school and college, mutual friends had us cross paths once more. I was not ready for a long term relationship until Joel took me on the most extravagant dates to prove to me that he was the man for me. After all this time had passed and we met again, I knew it was fate.

how they asked

I was waiting for Joel to ask me for about 6 months prior to his asking. It was a random Thursday night – November 14th 2019. He made me dinner because I got home late from work. He went to the store before I got home to get dog tags that said will you on tabby’s collar and chunkers had marry me. I got on the floor to look at the tags because they actually needed new tags and he was planning on getting them. When I looked at the first tag I melted I started crying with tears of joy. I was so happy I could not believe it finally happened. I was totally in shock. That is how Joel proposed he kept it such a surprise and he knew keeping the dogs involved was important to me.

Special Thanks

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